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Energy-Efficient Qualities of uPVC Doors and Windows

Posted Date: Jan 28, 2020

Can you wave back from your window to a person who just waved at you from across the street? Then, you’re taking advantage of one of the most ‘taken for granted’, nonetheless useful features of glass – it allows light to freely pass through. Now, during winters, ever found a cat gently basking on your window ledges? Well, it’s taking advantage of another property of glass – it also allows heat exchange to take place. A lot of people give no second thoughts to this energy exchange responsible for much of the unwanted heat gain during summers and rapid heat loss during winters.

Now, if your doors and windows are responsible for around 70% of the energy exchange, it is with them that you can solve the problem of poor energy-efficiency in your homes and offices. The best way to do so is have UPVC windows and doors installed. Let’s find out why - 

uPVC: What is it and What are its Key Features?

Short for Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, uPVC is a more rigid version of PVC – a pliable kind of plastic commonly used from clothing pieces to cable insulation. As a result, it is the ideal choice for the fenestration industry. In fact, this rigid plastic is strong enough to endure the wind-force of hurricanes!

Besides being stiff, strong, and durable; uPVC is also an insulator – both in terms of heat and sound. uPVC windows, in combination with advanced glass solutions can prevent heat exchange and external noise from intruding into your spaces.

uPVC is also highly resistant to the elements – wind, rain, rust, and even chemical erosion. Hence, uPVC door and window frames do not warp, fade, or peel. This renders them another advantage, namely that of being low-maintenance – uPVC doors and windows can last you for decades without showing any signs of weathering (the average lifespan of uPVC windows is anywhere from 40 to 80 years!). And their upkeep only takes a clean cloth and soapy water!

And since their lifespan is generally this long, it is an added benefit that uPVC as a material is BPA-free and absolutely non-toxic to the environment.

Furthermore, not only is uPVC highly functional, but it is also available in a number of customisable options that can fit right into your home designing choices.

Energy-Efficiency with uPVC: How Does it Work?

When it comes to matters of energy-efficiency, uPVC doors and window frames in combination with high-performance glass solutions such as heat-reflective glass are the way to go.

Heat-reflective glasses are typically double-glazed units – ones that have two panes of glass, each separated from the other by a noble (unreactive) gas such as Argon. The reason for sandwiching the two glass panes with a gas such as Argon is insulation – Heat is prevented from escaping in air drafts. Moreover, the inner surface of one of the glass panes is coated with a very thin reflective coating, generally made using layers of metals or metal oxides that have low conductivity – Titanium, zinc, copper, tin, silver, even stainless steel.

Let us understand how heat-reflective glass works with the help of this example – Imagine a bright and blazing summer morning. Your spaces are brightly-lit due to sunlight. But, surprisingly, only minimal heat is invading your interiors. Well, heat-reflective glass allows light to freely enter in but the metallic coating reflects back the longer-wavelength infrared light, much like a mirror. As a result, light freely enters whereas sun heat is kept at bay, keeping your home’s interiors cool during the day. This energy-efficient property of heat-reflective glass helps in reducing energy consumption, and in turn, energy bills.

Now, imagine a freezing winter night. You’re enjoying hot chocolate with your loved ones while the fire is blazing from the wood burner. Yet, you’re shivering from the cold. You wonder how come? Well, your doors and windows are the ones to be blamed – allowing heat from the fire to escape to the exteriors. But, if you have heat-reflective glass installed, a different scenario will take place. Just like the sun radiating infrared radiation in the above example, the same will be thrown off by the wood burner this time. And just like the metallic coating reflected the longer infrared radiation of the sun, it will reflect the same but in this case, the heat will be reflected back into your room, making the interiors sufficiently snugly!

Now, uPVC as a framing material strengthens this energy-efficiency. How? Well, firstly, uPVC as a material is a low conductor of heat. Therefore, it does not allow temperature exchange in and out of your spaces. To understand it better, you can place your hand on a uPVC window frame sitting under the scorching heat of the sun all day and feel its temperature. Moreover, uPVC doors and windows are sealed air-tight using high-quality sealants to further fill in any gaps around the window glass that may facilitate energy exchange. Thus, uPVC doors and windows installed with heat-reflective glass are the one-stop-solution for maintaining ideal interior temperatures throughout the year.

This energy-efficient property of uPVC doors and windows helps in reducing the need for energy consumption – artificial lighting, air-conditioners, and room heating devices, thereby bringing down your monthly energy bills.

Want to make your homes and offices energy-efficient? Then, look no further than AIS Windows – a subsidiary of India’s leading integrated glass player – Asahi India Glass Limited. We offer highly energy-efficient uPVC doors and window solutions that include heat-reflective glass sourced directly from our parent company. Our uPVC frames are lead-free, extremely strong and durable, and are practically maintenance-free. In combination with high-performance heat-reflective glass, they will maintain ideal indoor temperatures throughout the year. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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