Glass Partitions at Workplaces -Enabling Social Distancing
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Social Distancing at Workplace through Optimal Glass Partitions

Posted Date: Sep 13, 2020

Social Distancing at Workplace through Glass Partitions

“Focus on the solution, not the problem.” – Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author. We are in trying times indeed, as a pandemic has toppled the world’s normalcy at one go. While the notorious Covid-19 continues to spread paranoia, we cannot just sit and wait for it to be over. It’s time to start focusing on effective solutions, rather than succumbing to the behemoth problem.

As the world gradually tackles this virus, workplaces have started to open. However, things are far from being normal, so it’s time to address the elephant in the room – social distancing. Yes, the sole tried-and-true way to fight this pandemic, social distancing has now become a must. Hence, be it your office space or the dedicated workspace for your work-from-home, it is essential to integrate social distancing into the architecture itself.

Time to Revamp Your Workplace

Social distancing in workplaces are not new; when you imagine an office space, those typical dull-coloured walls, doors, chairs, and desks pop up. Without these partitions, a workplace would quickly turn into a reality TV show, gone wrong. Now that social distancing has become an entity of its own; your workspace must evolve as well. If you stick to the traditional walls-and-doors design, you might sacrifice effective, intimate communication at the altar of physical distancing. Thus, it’s time to revamp.

Glass Partitions: The New Go-To

Glass has always been a core part of architecture, be it interior designing or exterior. From facades to doors to windows and cabinets, glass is more than just a material. Often, it becomes the statement piece of any property. So, why not do the same for your workspace?

When it comes to social distancing for your workspace, a glass partition will be perfect, with its modern appearance and strong utility. Be it in your office or home; these will quickly amp up the style quotient and keep you safe as well. Let’s take a closer look.

Unrivalled Aesthetics of Glass Partitions

If you look at smart or modern homes, the sheer effect of glass structures doesn’t go unnoticed. Sleek, luxurious, and aesthetic, a glass partition can quickly do the same for your workplace as well. While you maintain social distancing through partitions, their appearance will instantly boost how your space looks. More than just an architectural structure, a glass partition can become your personal canvas as you use patterns and colours to create a positive space for your clients. As the famous architect, Mies van der Rohe once said, “God is in the details.”

Social Distancing Done the Right Way

Imagine conducting a meeting while your client is on the other side of a wall or a dull window. This type of social distancing will not only keep viruses but the clients away from you as well. With a glass partition, you can maintain the intimacy of an in-person meeting, while not having to worry about physical contact. Who wouldn’t want to have a comfortable meeting without the hassles of wearing uncomfortable masks? Moreover, glass partitions are easy to sanitise and disinfect, which minimises maintenance troubles from your end as well.

Maximum Utility, Minimum Hassle!

The virus and social distancing protocols are already enough to worry you, why let anything else pile on? A glass partition is a hassle-free choice as it requires minimal assemble or disassemble efforts without any structural modifications. Moreover, glass partition options such as laminated ones, not only make the space more lavish with colours but also help maintain structural integrity, thanks to their high durability. For example, if you’re looking to install glass partitions to revamp your old workspace, a translucent laminated glass partition will be perfect. With hassle-free installation, durable quality, and colourful tones, it’ll create an undisturbed work atmosphere amidst social distancing.

The More Light, the Better

While fancy LEDs and tube-lights keep away dullness, the beauty of natural light is undeniable, especially during the golden hour. The advent of social distancing has kept many of us at home, which hinders the exposure to sun we all need. With a glass partition, your workspace will be filled with ample light, enhancing not just the look of the space, but the overall mood as well.

Better Acoustics When You Need It

Workspaces can often be insufferably cacophonous, and that’s also when you will want some social distancing. Moreover, during these times, when too many people shouldn't be in a room together, meetings are often conducted one-to-one. For these circumstances, a calm environment is perfect. You can easily achieve this through a laminated or PVB inter-layered glass partition that will reduce noise for a peaceful setting. 

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