Elevate the Décor & Design of your Residential Space with Glass
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Elevate the Décor & Design of your Residential Space with Glass

The living space we occupy and dwell in is considered to be the most relaxing, luxurious and comfortable as far as interiors are concerned. Aesthetic qualities like elegance, beauty and serenity are required for satisfying living experience. A lot of time and energy goes into creating rich interiors which magnificently turn living spaces into exquisite pieces of art. For this, proper elements of interior décor need to be designed and constructed to enhance the visual and aesthetic appeal of any space. Glass being the most innovative and modern solution for designing exteriors and interiors, can be the best application for aesthetic solutions.

There are a number of glass solutions that add décor and design to the home interiors in many different ways. Here are some of the solutions that can help you achieve style, décor and a sense of luxury.

Lacquered glass, colored and opaque in appearance, is produced by depositing and then baking a coating of lacquer to one side of clear glass. Lacquer is a solution of film-forming materials, natural or synthetic, usually applied as an ornamental or protective coating.

Lacquered Glass

This unites coloured lacquer with the brilliance of glass. It brings colour and ambiance to interiors and is particularly suitable for more demanding locations, such as bathrooms and kitchens. In homes, offices, hotels, shops and museums, clear glass fused with lacquer creates smooth, homogenous surfaces as wall panelling, in furniture and in wardrobe and cupboard doors.


  • Inspiring modern-day design: With colour and light effects, lacquered glass helps convey a bright and creative appearance for walls and furniture. Enhanced by the glass, the colour brightens up interiors and animates surroundings with reflections and brilliance.
  • A durable and flawless finish: As the lacquer is applied to the back of the glass, it is protected from damage, ensuring durability. Its brilliance is far superior to that of gloss paints.
  • Resistance to humidity: This variety in glass can be used in high humidity rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Safety: Where the use of safety glass is required, it is advisable

According to wndowart Frosted glass designs often address the different ways in which you can treat the glass in your home and how to include more glass if possible. Frosted glass most often comes out tops as the best way to create a beautiful and sophisticated design on your glass.

Frosted vinyl decals are the best way to create masterpiece frosted glass designs.

Frosted vinyl decals Glasxperts

With frosted vinyl decals proving an easy and inexpensive way of creating frosted glass designs in your home, it has become quite the artistic outlet for creative homeowners. Nowadays, homeowners use the glass in their homes as focal pieces and often the frosted glass designs depict the interior style of the home.

Vinyl is suitable for whatever creative frosted glass designs you may have in mind.

In the many installations we have completed, we have had requests for some extraordinary designs. Everything from palm trees and windmills to geometric shapes and zebra print. These designs have been created by our group of graphic designers to meet the specific needs of our clients. This highlights the flexibility of frosted vinyl.

The blog from Goldrayglass explains, Ceramic frit is a pigmented enamel permanently fused to the glass surface at temperatures in excess of 1200°F.  This is a versatile product that can be applied to glass for a cost effective, low maintenance solution to many design needs.

Glasxperts products produced with Ceramic Frit are highly durable with abrasion resistance, a long lifetime and are available in myriad colors and patterns and as you can see by the picture, a wide range of sizes.

Glasxperts offers both traditional silkscreened ceramic frit glass solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

Ceramic frit coatings are the most durable and cost-effective way to decorate glass.

How is it made?

The process starts with a polyester mesh which is stretched over a 4 sided frame so that the tension is as great as if you were knocking your fist on a wooden table top.  With 90,000 holes per square inch on a silkscreen, you can only imagine how fine the powder like glass, called ceramic frit must be to penetrate the mesh described in this process.

The design which is provided by either our graphic design team or the architectural firm that we’re working with is printed directly from the computer onto the silkscreen with an opaque black wax.  The screen is then coated with a photo sensitive emulsion and exposed to UV light which causes the emulsion to harden and bind to the silkscreen.

Where the emulsion is exposed to the UV light, a solid layer is created, but where the light is blocked by the opaque black wax, the water soluble emulsion can now be washed off.  To do this, the screen is sprayed down with water, leaving behind only the image that you want to be printed onto the glass.  This clear area is where the ceramic frit will be pressed through the silkscreen with a mechanical squeegee.  When the squeegee and the silkscreen are lifted, the only thing that remains is a beautiful, clean piece of glass with the ceramic frit design printed onto it.  The glass then takes its turn in line at the tempering oven where it’s baked at 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Two Sided Ceramic Frit

One of the more recent developments in ceramic frit is the ability to use it on BOTH sides of a sheet of glass.  By offsetting two patterns on either side of the glass, you create the illusion of movement in the glass.  This has become a very popular technique in public art and in retail applications where you want the dramatic “shiny bobble effect” to get your customers and their wallets through the door!

By inverting the glass and running it through the entire process again, a second design can be placed on back of the first.  Even though the original frit is face down on the rolls, it doesn’t stick to them because of a special high temperature coating that we’ve developed which makes already baked frit resistant to re-melting.  Doors can be customized with an array of options including decorative glass and caming patterns, inspirations art glass, colored thresholds, distinctive hardware and deadbolts, multiple paint and stain options, transom windows and much more!

Exterior Fiberglass Front Entry Doors


Innovativebuildingsolutions talks about the Fiberglass front entry doors provide long-term value, durability and energy efficiency. With a combination of reinforced skin and a foam core, fiberglass achieves the look of natural wood without all the hassle and maintenance of real wood. Real wood doors can warp or rot over time leading to maintenance headaches. A fiberglass door, however, uses a dual technology to resist the wear and tear of time, which saves home owners money in the long run. Furthermore, this door style is easy on the eyes, so installing one increases resale value. The wood look and feel is achieved by a custom molding process, which creates deep wood grain details. It is all the benefit of natural wood without the hassle. These doors can be installed as a front, back or garage entrance and come in single, double, sidelight or French door styles.

Sliding Glass Patio & French Patio Doors

Let there be light! Sliding glass and French patio doors feature different styles, however, both door types function in a similar way: to increase natural light in a space. A sliding glass or French patio door also provides access to a patio or deck and gives owners the option of allowing fresh air into the home. A sliding glass patio door usually has two glass panels; one that is fixed, and one that slides. A French door features two hinged glass doors that meet to close and lock in the center. The basic benefits are improved security with multiple locking points and deadbolts, an increase in home resale value, improved curb appeal and reduced heating and cooling costs. By installing a new vinyl, steel or fiberglass sliding or French door system, home owners can eliminate an outdated, single pane, aluminium sliding door with a worn down weather seal. The large glass panes provide owners a beautiful view to the outside world.

Sliding Glass Windows

Easy operation, cost-efficiency and fun style is the best way to describe this window. A sliding window can be two or three sashes that slide horizontally left and right. Especially popular for people with disabilities or the elderly, sliding glass windows open on a track for ease of operation. Because of this, sliding windows do not require an operating crank like casement or awning windows. They are popularly used in bathrooms, offices, living rooms or kitchens; however, they are good for anywhere an owner would like them. Basic features include theft-deterrent locks for added safety, simple design, low cost and energy efficiency.

Modern manufacturing techniques have made glass as a solution which can be modified in a number of colours, shape and sizes. Mirror is the most important part of any a residential household. Aesthetic mirrors are durable and distortion free and requires less maintenance compared to ordinary mirrors. These mirrors are perfect for the main halls, bedrooms and washrooms. Today, it is not so rare to see glass exteriors and partitions at residential spaces. One can choose from lacquered glass, stacked glass, patched and tinted glass solutions to bring colours, elegance and design to their space. Clear glass is a specially manufactured glass solution that is further customized to achieve special properties. This solution can be made soundproof by laminating multiple layers of glass solutions. Clear glass filters UV rays and only allows the natural light to come inside. This quality is favourable for drawing rooms and bedrooms where natural light is very important for positivity and good vibes.

With the gradual leaps taken in the field of technology, new and innovative glass solutions are now possible for all types of interior décor or living spaces. Lacquered glass provides attractive and pristine artistry within. It exemplifies the richness, virtuosity and beauty of the interiors while energy efficient solutions greatly reduce the energy consumption for a greener tomorrow.

Glass solutions add splendour and excellence to the outlets. These new glass solutions are now an added benefit. They provide a multitude of advantages and functional features to support an elegant and aesthetically superior living space. They bring unmatched quality for your interiors according to your requirements and preferences and are proficient in delivering best results. These aesthetic solutions are the most predominant glass surrounding material and is picking up in the business segment because of its very proficient execution evaluations.

Author Bio: Amit Chaudhary, 28 years old handles the Brand Glasxperts of Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS).  He is based out of Delhi and is also a fitness fanatic.

Contact Details: Write to me at amit.chaudhary@glasxperts.com or call 08800392020




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