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Elegant glass shower cubicle ideas for modern house

Posted Date: Dec 10, 2022

Over the years, our lifestyle has evolved quite a bit. The evidence of it can be found just by looking at our living spaces. Our living spaces are highly customised per our comfort and taste. They are a reflection of ourselves. Our sense of style and aesthetics decide whether we have a glass sculpture as a centrepiece or an elegant painting adorning our wall. Even our washrooms have become a reflection of our taste. A reflection of us. As it is the only place, we can truly be ourselves. But it is not just aesthetics we demand of our washroom. We desire functionality, comfort and convenience as well.

Now, there are a lot of ways one can go about setting up their shower but not all of them will fulfil the basic functional needs while providing a large array of aesthetic options.

Your solution? Glass.

Glass not only serves the purpose of a mirror but it can be used for a host of other things. Tempered glasses are toughened glass panes that are specifically built to function as effective barriers. They are used in a variety of ways to create more space within your washroom, be aesthetically beautiful and provide you with your privacy in an elegant style.

Here are the various styles of shower cubicles to get you started.

Types of shower cubicles

  1. Single Shower Cubicle
  2. You can use a single shower cubicle that uses one slab of glass to create a decent bathroom partition.

    This type of cubicle partition works best in a small bathroom space, giving it a spacious and elegant look.

  3. Double Shower Cubicle
  4. This type of cubicle partition can be used to give a more enclosed experience; however, the cool thing is, you can leave the front of the shower space open while separating it from the washing space.

  5. Small Sized Glass Shower Cubicle
  6. If you have a compact bathroom space, this type of glass cubicle will work the best. It will give you more space to furnish and accessories your bathroom.

    This type of cubicle keeps your bathroom from looking too clumsy, even with a partition.

  7. Corner Glass Shower Cubicle
  8. This is a more unique take on bathroom cubicles. Instead of creating a horizontal or vertical partition, you can place the cubicle in a corner of the bathroom, giving it a more elegant look.

    However, instead of using rectangular glass, you can go for a more rounded structure.

  9. Central Walk-in Bathroom Glass Partition
  10. This type of shower cubicle works well with spacious bathroom spaces. It gives a completely unique, elegant and fresh look to the whole space. This type of bathroom cubicle is quite aesthetically pleasing.

  11. Fixed Glass Partition
  12. This type of partition creates a physical boundary in your bathroom, by creating a partition for your shower space and washing space. It gives you a bathroom cubicle, which is not messy or chaotic but rather thoughtfully organised and considered.

  13. Framed Glass Partition
  14. Framing your glass shower cubicle with a metal frame gives it more structure and stability along with the strength of the glass panel. It also gives the bathroom cubicle a more modernist look.

As you see, there are plenty of ways you can extend your unique taste, to your washrooms. But choosing the ideal layout is only one part of the job, the next is selecting the type of glass.

Types of Glasses

  1. Clear Glass
  2. This gives the bathroom a minimalistic and clean look. Also, these cubicles are customisable according to the dimension of the bathroom space.

  3. Frosted Glass
  4. Frosted glass cubicles bring a feeling of lightness to your bathroom space, not just this but it is way easier to maintain as compared to clear glass. This is due to its ability to not stain when water is splashed on it.

  5. Textured Glass
  6. Textured glass looks phenomenal. It creates patterns on your surrounding that works great with good lighting. It also blocks enough light to make it opaque and ensure your privacy.

  7. Patterned Glass
  8. To incorporate a colourful pattern into the bathroom space you can use either a stained glass or you can achieve a similar effect by sandwiching a wallpaper between two pieces of glass, or with a glass film. This way, you could have a playful aesthetic within your bathroom and have a lot of colours integrated into your space.

  9. Sliding Glass
  10. Sliding glass partitions or cubicles are best when the bathroom space is a little smaller and a swinging door cannot be installed. However, one drawback might be that if slammed too hard, it can damage its alignment.

  11. Bent Glass
  12. To get a bent glass shower cubicle, tempered glass is used, as it is easier to bend. They work great when the shower cubicle is placed at the corner of the bathroom.

Benefits Of Glass Shower Cubicle

The focal point of your bathroom is the shower space and the style of the shower space impacts the whole bathroom structure. We highly recommend a glass shower cubicle, and here is why:

  1. Space Effective
  2. In our present living arrangements, in apartments and flats, it is important how we utilise the space without making it look cramped up or chaotic. To avoid such a situation, we can go ahead and get glass shower cubicles.

    These types of cubicles give an illusion of a larger space as the transparency creates a sense of continuity to the whole bathroom space.

  3. Low Maintenance
  4. Anything glamorous that we add or install in our houses, is somewhat high maintenance, however, this is not the case with glass shower cubicles. Once they are installed in your bathroom space, it needs little to no maintenance. Since these cubicles are built with tempered glass, it is resistant to scratches, dents and breakage.

    As a result, you get to enjoy the luxury and elegance of it without worrying about its maintenance.

  5. Watertight
  6. The fact that water is bound to spread on the bathroom floor after a shower is inevitable, however by applying a glass shower cubicle in your bathroom space, you can avoid it very effectively.

    By using these cubicles, you can ensure that the water stays contained in one place and dries off quickly without spreading all over. This is possible because these cubicles have watertight bases, therefore not even a single drop gets out of the cubicle.

  7. Impeccable Safety Feature
  8. Since the glass bathroom cubicles are made of tempered glass, they are resistant to scratches and dents and do not break or shatter that easily. This is important as accidents can happen in a wet bathroom space, especially in a household with children and elderly people.

  9. Unique Style
  10. A glass shower cubicle in your bathroom not only fulfils its purpose of functionality but also adds a certain charm to your bathroom space.

It creates an illusion of a larger space and adds to the elegance and aesthetic of the bathroom.

Glass shower cubicles are the perfect solution for all your aesthetic and functional needs. But the task of choosing the ideal one is also daunting. Getting the right advice, and finding the right supplier can be very difficult indeed.

With AIS Glasxperts, you can rest assured that what you get is only the best. Over 4 decades of experience has helped us hone the craft of glass making and expanded our expertise over several industries.

AIS Glasxperts is your one-stop solution for your glass shower cubicle needs.

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