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Easy Ways to Install Vertical Window Blinds

Integrated Blinds Glass Guide

Posted Date: Mar 27, 2020

Ways to Install Vertical Window Blinds

There’s no debating the fact that windows form a vital part of any structure, be it residential or commercial. But equally important is dressing them – something that often becomes an afterthought. Such window treatments not only add an element of pattern or colour but are high on functionalities such as daylight and glare management and energy conservation.

And whether you’re someone who prefers simple sheers or a lover of ornate swag, vertical window blinds are a versatile option, exuding neatness and sophistication. 

Vertical Window Blinds For Your Windows

Today, window furnishings are available in several styles, materials, and sizes, offering limitless design possibilities. A highly popular window treatment option, vertical window blinds help create a tidy and polished look while effectively meeting utility needs.

Vertical window blinds are easy to operate and maintain. These blinds move on blind tracks fitted closely above the window panes. The movement of vertical window blinds can be controlled by wands or thick chords. Even automated track options are available where the control lies at the tip of your fingers – wireless remote control. Vertical window blinds can be easily cleaned – fabric ones can be unhinged and washed while those made using other materials can be gently dusted using a wipe cloth.

Furthermore, not only are these furnishings cost-effective, they offer natural light and privacy on-demand. Yes! By using the magic of your wand, chord, or remote, the binds will gather at one end or the other, allowing ample natural light and if you want greater privacy, simply closing the blinds will do the trick. 

Installing Vertical Window Blinds: The Before, During, and the After

When it comes to self-installing vertical window blinds, make sure you or the one working on the installation is someone who is at least familiar with the workings of power drills, screws and drivers, lever tools, etc. Though the ideal solution would be seeking professional help, installation of vertical window blinds by those familiar with the tool kit is also possible. 

Gather the Right Tools

The foremost step to cutting the tree is to sharpen the axe under which come the process of gathering the right tools and knowing exactly what to do.

The basic tools that you will need to mount your vertical window blinds are – steel measuring tape, pencil, lever tool, step ladder (if required), screwdriver or power drill (with a ¼” hex driver and drill bit), and a hammer. 

Familiarise Yourself with the Contents

Do not hasten to jump straight into the installation process. Take your time to become familiar with the contents – unpack the blinds and mounting hardware and cross-check with the box to ensure no hardware piece is missing.

Often, vertical window blinds come with a decorative cover known as the valance. And if your valance is one that has a front insert, glide the insert into the edges along the front of the decorative cover. 

When You’re Mounting Inside the Window Frame

For mounting your vertical window blinds on the interior side of the window frame, firstly, you will need to screw holes into the valance – the top surface of the valance can be mounted inside the upper frame as this will hide the headrail. Next, mark holes on the inside of the upper frame of the window for the brackets. Now, you need to attach the valance and the brackets to the inside of the window frame.

For the next step, hook the front end into the clip and then lift the back end till it clicks into place (snapping the headrail into the brackets). Finally, attach the vanes and you’re done! 

When You’re Mounting Outside the Window Frame

For the first step towards mounting vertical window blinds on the exterior of the frame, locate the headrail over the windows for the placement of the blinds. Then, gather a helper and mark directly over the headrail the positioning of the brackets. The next step is to attach the brackets to the wall with the provided screws. Once done, hook the headrail onto the brackets followed by attaching the vanes. Finally, all that is left to do is installing the valance by pushing the corners onto either end of the valance, attaching the side pieces, snapping the clips along the headrail, and gently gliding the valance into the clips. 

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