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Easy Techniques to Use Soundproof Windows

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Posted Date: Jan 25, 2020

No matter the task at hand, we always require peace and quiet to perform a job well. Whether it is the simple task of reading a book at home for leisure, trying to take a nap during the day after a tiring workout or working on an important presentation in the office, you need complete concentration and dedication to do justice to the task at hand. However, distractions from the outside environment and your surroundings can stop you from doing a job well.

Be it noisy kids playing and squealing on the street on an afternoon, excessive noise from the bullpen that is penetrating through the closed doors of your cabin, or incessant noise coming from construction work taking place across the street, several factors can disrupt your peace and leave you cranky.

Reasons for Installing Soundproof Windows

While distracting external surroundings are capable of ruining your mental peace as well as your work ethic, the problems do not stop there as noise pollution is a very major concern having adverse health effects on the lives of millions of people. Especially in developing countries like India where construction and renovation projects are all too common; the general public has turned a blind eye to the horrors of noise pollution.

But in reality, sound pollution is the silent killer that is causing Indian citizens to get medical help for their health issues. And while they have learned to tune out the noise of heavy machinery as white noise, several studies show a direct link between noise pollution and increased anxiety. Excessive noise pollution not only weakens and damages your eardrums but also creates physiological and psychological problems like high blood pressure, depression, cardiovascular diseases as well as hypertension, chronic stress, fatigue, loss of memory, irritability and short temper.

As a result, the need for soundproof windows India in residential as well as commercial spaces has become an absolute necessity, especially in developing countries like India where urbanisation projects are popping up everywhere. So, let’s take a look at some of the easiest and most effective techniques to incorporate soundproof windows to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed state of mind all year round, irrespective of your noisy vicinity.

Applications of Soundproof Windows

Soundproof windows India can be installed in a wide range of spaces to increase the liveability and working conditions of the area. Here are some of the most common and necessary uses of soundproof windows to create a tranquil space –


Well, the situation of noise pollution today demands that all residential spaces be installed with soundproof windows India so that its occupants can enjoy undisturbed sleep and peaceful family time. Constant noise from the outside can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle making you non-functional throughout the day. Moreover, solitary moments in the presence of loved ones also require elimination of distractions. Installing soundproof windows will ensure that none can invade your privacy in your most private spaces and moments.

Healthcare Institutions

Places such as hospitals, nursing centres, clinics and other healthcare institutions are home to patients who not only come for the treatment but also to get the much-needed rest to get better. The key to faster recovery is reduced stress levels and sound sleep. Resting in an undisturbed environment, however, can be tough with the amount of noise and distractions from the surroundings. That’s why every room in healthcare institutions will benefit from installing soundproof windows India for a truly relaxing experience.

At AIS Glasxperts, we possess the unique AIS Acousticglas TM which is designed with a specialised PVB interlayer to dampen the external sound by 50-60%. Healthcare institutions can save space by using this specialised soundproof glass to create facades and windows that block out external noise. They can also use the same soundproof glass used to make soundproof windows to create partitions in shared patient rooms without taking up any extra space.

Office Cubicles and Conference Rooms

Offices and boardrooms are a place of confidentiality and always require complete peace and quiet to carry out important meetings and discussions. However, excessive noise coming from the bullpen in cramped offices, construction projects right opposite the office and even certain unavoidable factors like chirping of birds, incessant honking of cars can distract you from the task at hand. Moreover, doors and windows through which sound can pass through can result in a breach of privacy and spell trouble for your business.

Hence, the workplace is one such area that requires effective soundproof windows India to maintain a conducive environment. To combat such situations, AIS Glasxperts offers the specially-manufactured AIS Insulated Glass Unit which is a premium glass solution. It is manufactured by combining two or more sheets of glass which are separated by hermitically sealing the space in between with a primary and secondary sealant for maximum soundproofing. 

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges and universities are teeming with teachers and students looking to impart and gain knowledge. However, noisy surroundings like the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria, students shifting from one class to another can serve as a distraction and reduce their attention span. Maintaining peaceful surroundings is highly important for uninterrupted studying and productivity. As a result, incorporating soundproof windows into the architecture of educational institutions is crucial for maintaining a conducive learning atmosphere. Common areas such as cafeterias and indoor sports courts as well as learning areas such as classrooms, workshops and library rooms should all include soundproof windows for maximum productivity.

On the hunt for soundproof windows India to escape the outdoor noise? Get in touch with AIS Glasxperts to avail our 360-degree solutions and professional consultation right from the initial selection process up until the final instalment to enjoy peaceful interiors. Get an expert consultation today!

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