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Different Ways Smart Glass Design Is Changing Architecture

Posted Date: Jul 17, 2020

How Smart Glass Design Changing Architecture

The eternal love for glass as a material primarily arises from the fact that it offers relief from opacity. It opens up spaces, connects buildings to their environment, and provides a significant amount of security. But, what if you are looking for both attributes of privacy and transparency and still want to use glass? Thanks to modern advancements in manufacturing technologies, you can simply install smart glass to suit your partial need for privacy.

What Is Smart Glass?

Smart glass also called Switchable glass, is a dynamic surface that employs advanced technologies to block light. Simply put, this type of glass uses electric current to alter the transparency properties on its surface. Smart glass changes from opaque to translucent to transparent on demand. This type of glass awards the interiors of both residential and commercial buildings with privacy or transparency when needed.

Smart Glass offers a better alternative, which is also easier to maintain as opposed to blinds or shades installed behind partitions or small windows. Smart glass surfaces are beneficial inside homes, hospitals, educational institutions, recreational facilities, and are also environment-friendly. This technology is easy to incorporate in windows, doors, dividers, retail windows, etc.

Types of Smart Glass

There generally exist two types of smart glass – active and passive. Active smart glass requires an electrical charge to render itself translucent or transparent, whereas passive glass does not. The term Smart glass primarily refers to active technologies. Here are a few names for different types of smart glass.

  • Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC)
  • Photochromic
  • Electrochromic
  • Thermochromic
  • Micro-bling
  • Suspended-particle

Smart Glass is Altering Modern Architecture

A technology with so much promise is bound to influence aesthetic qualities, functionality and privacy of modern-day architecture. Let us look at a few applications of smart glass that perhaps went unnoticed before.


Switchable glass adds a wow factor to modern home doors, windows, dividers, etc. Since this material is sturdy, durable and comfortable withstanding moisture, it is often used inside bathrooms and kitchens of homes. A burst of warm shower water or curry backsplash does not tamper a smart glass surface as it stays maintenance-free for years. If you wish to soak in the panoramic views outside your house with the help of expansive glass walls, smart glass is the way to go! Since this surface can turn opaque or transparent on-demand, you can enjoy the vistas around when you want without compromising on privacy.


Hoteliers always require unique technologies and aesthetics that make them stand out of the competition. After all, hotels are all about luxury and hospitality. Smartglass has become quite popular inside hotel rooms to enhance the sense of space. How? Many luxury hotels these days use a smart glass partition between the bedroom and the bathroom. Doing this amalgamates these two spaces into one larger area without compromising on privacy. The minute one needs to use the bathroom, switchable glass turns on creating temporary privacy.


Functionality and utility, along with aesthetics, play a crucial role in keeping the mood of the hospital calm and comfortable for patients. To achieve this, many hospitals are investing in smart glass. The most common application of smart glass in hospitals is for constructing a partition system that allows effective monitoring of patients while protecting their privacy. Switchable partitions are especially useful along the ICCU corridors for doctors on rounds. These structures are also ridiculously easy to clean, which meets superior hygiene requirements at a hospital.

Exterior Façade Entrances

A chic yet classy entrance to any building makes a great first impression on visitors and also increases the value of that property. Be it a commercial skyscraper, or an upscale residential building, switchable smart glass awards minimalist aesthetic to a structure’s entrance that ensures the uniqueness of a building. Additionally, smart glass is highly mouldable, which makes room for bespoke solutions. But, why would one need an entrance to be opaque or transparent on demand? For private events and parties! Also, switchable glass offers event managers to use said surfaces as temporary projection screens for brand publicity at the very entrance of the building.

Parting Thoughts

Smart glass technology is hard to ignore, which is why several architects worldwide are using it for stylish and functional design solutions for both commercial and residential spaces. If you are working on a home improvement project or are getting your office ready for operations again, consider smart glass.

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