How Lacquered Glass can Accent Your Interiors
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Different Ways How Lacquered Glass can Accent Your Interiors

Uses of Lacquered Glass

Posted Date: May 21, 2020

Home Interiors with Lacquered Glass

Are you tired of dull old walls at your home or office? If you are looking to give your surroundings a facelift by adding just a dash of colour, then consider lacquered or back-painted glass. Picture a silky-smooth coloured wall with a flawless finish – that is lacquered glass for you.

Also called back painted glass, lacquered glass is manufactured by colour coating one side of a glass pane, thus rendering it opaque. Several coats of the same colour are applied before the final product is ready. The finished surface is then installed with the painted side facing inwards.

Lacquered glass is tenacious and aesthetically pleasing, which is why it is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. The painted side of lacquered glass never comes in touch with ambient particles, and therefore, maintains its finish for years on end. If you want a contemporary look for your interiors, try back-painted glass instead of distempering your walls.

Applications of Lacquered or Back-Painted Glass

A surface as striking as this is bound to have several uses. Listed below are the top trending applications of lacquered glass.

Lacquered Glass for Your Kitchen

Lacquered glass does not just enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen but also keeps it safe from curry backsplash. The wall right behind your cooking stove often experiences stains and spots spluttering off a pan. Now with time, a distempered wall develops permanent blotches that can go away only with a fresh lick of paint.

On the other hand, back-painted glass can comfortably withstand curry backsplash on its surface without getting dirty. In the case of curry backsplash, lacquered surfaces can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. These surfaces do not get stained permanently and are also resistant to moisture. This benefit allows you to bid adieu to kitchen wall maintenance woes forever. Back-painted glass is an excellent choice for kitchen wall cladding, island tops, etc.

Lacquered Glass for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are no more just another utilitarian space! This room is also used for pondering, introspecting, and indulging in single secret behaviour. Therefore, they must look and feel welcoming. Nothing refreshes a dated bathroom quite like lacquered glass. Since back-painted glass can comfortably withstand steam and splashes of hot water day after day, they make an ideal choice to do up your bathroom.

Lacquered surfaces are available in so many patterns and finishes that you can use this glass for shower enclosures, bathroom walls, washbasin tops, etc. Choosing the right kind of lacquered glass can entirely transform the aura of your bathroom, thus making it noticeably edgier.

Lacquered Glass for Your Office

Want your office to look more sophisticated yet spunky? Use back-painted surfaces to create highlights of colour in an otherwise dull space. You don’t need to clad all walls inside your office with lacquered glass. It perhaps is ideal to choose just one wall of any room and clad it with lacquered glass.

Why only walls? Back-painted glass can also prove to be useful for making conference room table tops, cabin doors, room partitions, etc. The finish of a lacquered surface is clean and crisp, which blends beautifully with both formal and semi-formal demeanour you may want to create in your office. Additionally, you can also choose to fashion lacquered surfaces to match the colours of your company’s branding. Since these surfaces come in a host of colours and finishes, you are bound to find one that matches your company colour(s).

Lacquered Glass for Commercial Structures

Back-painted glass can liven up any space and award it a unique sense of openness. Therefore, it is widely used in shopping malls, stand-alone stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels lobbies, elevators, convention centres, art galleries, etc.

Lacquered glass surfaces are sturdy and durable. The uniformly applied coats of metallic paint have a considerable role to play in this. Furthermore, back-painted glass can also be manufactured using tempered glass surfaces for enhanced strength. The inimitable tenacity and versatility of lacquered glass panes make it a popular choice for commercial venues.

Over to You

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