9 Extraordinary Office Glass Designs in trend!
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Different office glass designs to inspire your team!

Inspirational Office Glass Designs - Preview

Posted Date: Nov 09, 2021

Inspiring Office Glass Design Ideas

A workplace’s aesthetics play a big role in employees’ performance as nobody likes working in a dull environment. So, it’s very important to improve the aesthetics of the office and to increase productivity and have a killer impression on your customer. It can easily be done by equipping your office with one of the numerous office glass designs mentioned below.

Glass Designs for Office Spaces

  • Colour Laminated Glass

  • Colour laminated glass is quite similar to clear laminated glass except it has an additional coloured layered which would help glow up your office environment. This additional coloured layer allows for a vast range of colour permutations and you can get them in various types ranging from transparent, translucent or opaque depending upon your usage. These glasses are a strong, durable and efficient choice for interiors as they allow for a wealth of opportunities for a wide range of applications ranging from staircases, canopies, railings, balustrades and many others. The benefit of using this type of glass is that it can eliminate up to 99% of UV radiation.

  • Fabric Laminated Glass

  • If you are looking for a glass solution that combines the rich colour and texture of fabrics with the strength and aesthetics of glass then fabric laminated glass is your best bet. Most of its properties are pretty similar to colour laminated glass except it has a layer of fabric encapsulated between protective glass layers. Fabric laminated glass has a variety of uses and is a leading choice for canopies, staircases, railings, pergola and much more. One of the major benefits of having fabric laminated glass in your office glass designs is its ability to eliminate up to 99% of the UV radiation that passes through it.

  • Lacquered Glass

  • Lacquered glass is a type of decorative glass with a layer of colour coating on one of its surfaces thus giving it the name back-painted glass. The benefits of using lacquered glass are its ability to withstand high temperature, durability and high customizability making it the go-to choice for numerous office glass designs. It can be ground, drilled, cut and edge finished making it a good choice for partitions, cabinet doors, writing boards, tabletops and much more. This opaque glass is present in a variety of colours and is known for creating a positive environment in the office.

  • Crackled Glass

  • Crackled glass is a type of ornamental glass whose surface looks like cracked ice. It is also known as ice glass due to its appearance. Crackled glass is known for being resilient and versatile. Even though crackled glass was invented in the 16th century, it has made its way into the 21st century because of its vintage look. It can withstand high temperatures without cracking thanks to the way it’s manufactured. It is a type of transparent glass known for enhancing the mood and aesthetics with its ornamental appeal. It has a variety of use cases like partitions, back walls and glass tiles to name a few.

  • Printed Glass

  • Printed glass is a modern alternative to printing on canvas thanks to the advancements in digital art. It allows you to easily customise a space according to your liking by producing an illustration, texture, patterns and photos on a glass panel which is pretty easy to install. Its appeal and style make it one of the most desirable choices in most office glass designs. Printed glass is often incorporated into interior design and furniture because of its high durability and easy maintenance. The benefits of installing printed glass in your office are its resistance to UV lights and non-toxic nature.

  • Patterned Glass

  • Patterned glass is one of the most popular forms of decorative glass that has been used for centuries. It is known for its embossed decoration, privacy, stability and its ability to be customised as per the user’s space and design requirements. It is made out of a process called the single-pass process in which the glass at a temperature of 1050-degree Celsius is passed through 2 rollers, one of which gives it the required pattern and the other one smoothens it out. The glass has a number of use cases like decorative glazing, partitions and windows to name a few.

  • Etched Glass

  • Etched glass is a type of decorative glass with artistic cravings which is the result of small cuts made to the glass surface by applying acid, caustic and abrasive substances. It helps in diffusing the incoming light while not completely obscuring it, giving you the privacy you need without blocking any incoming light. Etched glass is widely used in houses as well as offices alike thanks to its smooth, satin-like effect with a coloured frosted finish. It can be used to make partitions, panels, furniture and shower curtains. The benefits of using etched glass in an office setting are full visual privacy, high customizability and translucent light.

  • Stacked Glass

  • Stacked glass is a relatively modern type of decorative glass consisting of several layers of precisely placed glass that are stacked and deeply carved to form a 3D sculpture depending on the user’s taste and liking. You can see it being used in partition walls, glass columns, niches and corners, fountain pieces, etc. Stacked glass has numerous benefits that range from mitigating undesirable views to giving sculpture quality to glass. Stacked glass sculptures bounce light off of them which gives the location they are placed in better lighting and a pleasant look.

  • Ceramic Frit Glass

  • Ceramic Frit glass is a type of glass used for decorative purposes in which glass enamel is fused onto the glass surface. The glass enamel is applied to the glass surface before its tempered as once the glass is tempered the enamel coating becomes permanent and can’t be removed or damaged by cleaning, scrubbing, etc. The glass has numerous interior as well as exterior applications and is an ideal choice for skylights, canopies, balustrades, pergolas and shower cubicles. There are many benefits associated with ceramic frit glass such as reducing glare, enhanced privacy, enhanced look or simply improving the aesthetics of a particular area.

Now that you know all about the different types of office glass designs, you are now ready to give your office the glass makeover it needs and AIS Glasxperts can help you put your plan in action in no time! You can visit their website to pick the material of your choice and seal the deal without harming your budget! AIS Glasxperts provides 360-degree glass solutions to all your interior and exterior needs that will not only enhance your employee productivity but also workplace aesthetics, so you can flaunt your workplace in style to your clients!

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