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Design Open Spaces with Customised Smart Glass

Posted Date: Jul 07, 2020

Customised Smart Glass Designs

Curtains or blinds are not as effective as they used to be. Today, our privacy needs to demand more. However, privacy must not mean complete isolation from much-needed human connection. Want effective privacy at home or office on demand? Choose customised smart glass for premium functionality and high performance.

What is Smart Glass?

 Smart glass – also known as switchable glass – is electrochromic glass, made using Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC) technology and connected to a power outlet. It can ‘switch’ from a state of opacity to a state of transparency or translucency on the application of heat, voltage, or light.

This happens as the light-transmitting property of the glass changes. Glass screen appears opaque as running current aligns the liquid crystals and appears transparent when the current is switched off as liquid crystals scatter away. In this manner, smart glass switches between the two states of visibility.

Moreover, smart glass comes with immense benefits, as discussed below.


 Privacy is at the core of smart glass technology. Get visual privacy using a single switch. Keep away from prying eyes, peeping toms, and intruders by switching to opaque or translucent mode whenever needed. Moreover, with smart glass, you also get audio privacy. It can effectively cancel out noise for quieter indoors.


 Smart glass offers security in two ways – firstly, by protecting your privacy and secondly, by providing resilience against impact. You can keep your valuables hidden from prying eyes and intruders. Moreover, smart glass can easily deter intrusions since it can withstand a significant amount of external impact.

 Solar Control

 Filter harmful UV and infrared rays using smart glass’ useful solar control feature. Also, it can block excessive solar glare. Allow ample natural light to flood in for proper daylighting, without increasing the temperature indoors. And during winter months, it can preserve the heat indoors – you get a comfortable ambience always.

Dust and Water-Proof

 Neither dust nor water settles on smart glass, which is why it requires minimal upkeep. Smart glass is beneficial for spaces always buzzing with crowds like commercial buildings or houses near transit networks. Moreover, it shows no sign of wear-and-tear or condensation despite the weather condition.


 Smart glass requires minimal to zero upkeep. Unlike conventional privacy options like curtains or blinds, smart glass can be cleaned easily. As it is resilient to dust, corrosion, and normal wear-and-tear, you need not fret its maintenance. Any stain on smart glass can be wiped off easily.

 How to Design Open Spaces with Smart Glass

 Use smart glass to balance indoor-outdoor living. Ease of operation, enhanced security, solar control, and minimal upkeep make it highly suitable for residential and commercial applications. Confused about how to use smart glass? Get inspired by these smart glass applications.

 Doors and Windows

Ditch conventional doors and windows for customised smart glass windows and doors. Go for bay or bow windows for impressive views. Fill your space with ample natural light, creating brighter and cheerful indoors. Control solar glare and heat gain for optimal indoor temperature.

For modern homes, customised smart glass doors and windows are definite focal points. No need for curtains or blinds. Get privacy at the flick of a switch. Balance indoor-outdoor connectivity smoothly.

 Room Dividers

 Design a perfect space for an indoor-outdoor living using customised smart glass. Compared to ordinary concrete walls, smart glass acts as better, stylish room divider. For commercial spaces, it can offer enhanced audio and visual privacy, without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Using customised smart glass, you can add a decorative touch to your home. Section off your living space for optimum daylighting and harness picturesque views.

 Internal Partitions (remove this, as already mention above)

 Have an open-plan space? Go for customised internal glass partitions to score stylish, effective privacy solutions. Partition spaces to get privacy on demand. Control privacy automatically or manually with the flick of a switch.

A highly dynamic, attractive solution, you can use customised smart glass partitions as project screens. Use them to create multimedia displays for the surroundings and add a dramatic touch to your space.


 To add a contemporary touch to your residential or commercial space, you can install custom skylights. Get smart glass skylights for unobstructed outside views, privacy, and optimum daylighting. You can enjoy the skyline without worrying about overheated indoors or solar glare.

Skylights made of smart glass can act as focal points for open-plan spaces – seamlessly blending with the roof. You can always switch to ‘opaque’ mode to cover the view or the ‘transparent’ mode to enjoy it.

Your Turn

Wish to combine privacy and aesthetics? Get customised smart glass – highly suitable for large spaces lacking enough privacy like commercial spaces. Use smart glass solutions for windows, doors, internal partitions, or room dividers; the choices are diverse. You can secure better privacy at the touch of a button.

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