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The number one requirement from any workspace cabin is that it should be stimulating enough to boost employee productivity. Now, most people might not consider it, but comfort and the visual aesthetics of the work environment is critical in building such a productive atmosphere. If employees in an office find it extremely comfortable and convenient to sit at their cabin and produce work, then the results will always be amazing. After all, working professionals spend majority of their waking hours at offices.

How Revamped Office Cabins Boost Productivity

Therefore, there is no doubt that one of the main reasons for declining productivity at your office could be its old interiors and redundant doors and windows of the cabins. Refreshing your office interiors with applications such as stunning wooden door design or noise-cancelling glass partitions can do wonders for boosting employee morale – something which will translate effectively into enhanced productivity. But how can this be achieved? Let’s take a look:

  1. Bringing in modern aesthetics and functionality

Before we move into cabin revamping, let us begin with creating an adequate office ambience in which your new cabins can seamlessly blend in. Since glass is today the material of choice for office interiors and exteriors, it is safe to say that modern workspaces are trending towards edgy, futuristic, clean, and modern design elements that are indicative of the company’s emphasis on the future. Metallic colours like greys and blues, adequate natural lighting thanks to energy efficient glass facades, indoor plants to add a touch of green, noise-insulating meeting room glass walls, etc. are all in vogue today.

  1. Incorporating wood and aluminium glass applications

Now, once the office space has been modernised, it is time to work on cabins. Yes, glass cabins have been the norm for many years, but you have to ask yourself which kind of glass you are using. Does your cabin glass have sound-proof qualities to provide a peaceful interior for employee? Does it have switchable glass doors to create privacy as and when required? Most importantly, does it have a blend of aluminium or wood to add style, substance and functionality to it? Aluminium sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular too due to their space-saving properties. Wood adds a touch of class to a cabin and gives it structural strength as well.

Aluminium Sliding Doors Application

  1. Shifting to cubicles

Move over cabins – having open cubicles that allow employees to communicate and effectively participate in team work is the secret to successful organizations. Glass cubicles are the perfect blend of privacy and transparency, especially when they have smart glass such as AIS Swytchglas™ incorporated in them: a glass that switches from transparent to translucent and vice versa at the touch of a button on the remote control.

All it takes to spark the revolution of productive workspaces is to tinker with cabin and office space design and incorporate modern glass applications seamlessly.

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