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Customized End-to-End Glass Solutions from AIS Glasxperts

Posted Date: Oct 26, 2019

Customized End-to-End Glass Solutions from AIS Glasxperts

AIS Glasxperts deals in a wide range of glass solutions, each designed to cater to unique needs. Be it noise cancellation, energy-efficiency, security concerns, or smog-resistance; our glass solutions are sure to have the answer. Our glass solutions are customisable and hence their functionality does not come at the expense of aesthetics, but rather aesthetics gets a new stature. 

AIS Acoustic Glass Solutions

What is it and why is it required?

Nobody enjoys a constant cacophony of deafening noises. Places especially like offices, clinics, libraries, etc. demand peace as a mandate but unfortunately the unwanted noise from the external environment in the form of heavy traffic, construction work, etc. is a major cause of distraction, even discomfort. The result – employees are unable to achieve optimum levels of productivity, board meetings cannot be carried out peacefully, patients have a hard time, and readers cannot extract the most out of the book they're reading. In each case, heavy noise imbalances the ‘thinking space' of the employee, the doctor, and the reader. Hence, soundproof windows are a must.

But rest assured, AIS Glasxperts is here to provide a solution to all such requirements! Our avant-garde acoustic glass solutions will restore the tranquillity that you so desire. Never again worry about exterior noise or a confidential meeting!

GX Solutions for Soundproof Interiors

At AIS Glasxperts, you will find 360-degree solutions for all your glass needs. We take full responsibility for every stage – inspection, product choice, design, installation and fittings, and service. Our extensive range of glass solutions such as tempered glass, acoustic glass, etc. help in noise cancellation and are especially suitable for office spaces, clinics, libraries, and even homes where peace is a priority. After performing a thorough site analysis, we determine the types of sounds that may prove to be an occasion for distraction and based on such analysis and measurement; recommend the best glass solution that will take care of both noise cancellation and aesthetics.

As India’s leading manufacturer of premium uPVC doors and windows, we also specialise in world-class doors and window frames – be it wood or uPVC. The demand for noise cancellation glass solutions in India is on a constant rise given the worsening traffic, especially in the metro cities. 

Enjoy the Tranquillity that You Crave with these AIS Noise Cancellation Glass Solutions

AIS Acousticglas TM

A glass solution that comes with a specialised interlayer of Poly Vinyl Butrayal (PVB) is extremely effective in cancelling external noise by as much as 50 to 60%. It is generally used in – boardrooms, facades, houses, and partitions.

AIS Insulated Glass Unit (IGU)

This is a glass solution which involves blending of two or more layers of glass panes sealed with a primary and secondary sealant capable of dampening noise by 30Db. This glass solution is mostly used in clinics, office cubicles, boardrooms, and partitions.

Laminated Glass

This glass is manufactured by sandwiching a layer of PolyVinyl Butyral (PVB) between two panes of glass sealed together using a series of pressure rollers and heat. This glass also makes for an excellent acoustic solution and is typically used in airport terminals, recording studios, data processing centres, schools, offices, etc.

Energy-efficient Glass Solutions

Though the introduction of artificial lighting and air-conditioners has been a blessing to mankind, the flip side has been huge electricity bills due to excessive energy consumption. Retail outlets today are being crushed under the weight of huge electricity bills. What if there was a way to cut down electricity costs and still have natural lighting and temperature in the living spaces? With AIS Glasxperts energy-efficiency glass solutions, you can achieve this!

Our customised energy-efficient glass solutions will ensure that your space receives optimum levels of natural light and heat. This will lead to decreased use of air-conditioners and artificial lighting, thereby saving you loads on electricity bills. 

Limit Your Energy Consumption with AIS Energy-Efficient Glass Solutions

Doors and Windows – AIS Glasxperts provides complete glass solutions for energy-efficiency in the form of glass that comes in the following variants –


Introducing the combined benefits of energy-efficiency and sufficient day-lighting with a range of natural hues of top-quality glass. It is used in glass lifts, skylights, windows, and facades.

Ecosense Enhance

Just like the name goes, this is the next level of energy-efficiency and optimum day-lighting with the added benefit of reflecting a large amount of the near infrared rays. It is used in partitions, facades, spider glazing, and skylights.

Ecosense Exceed

To go above and beyond with solar control low-E double-glazed solution. This solution offers the combined benefits of energy-efficiency, ecosensitivity, and aesthetics with a one of a kind range of natural-coloured glass generally used in windows, glass lift walls, facades, and skylights.

Ecosense Essence

This solution is prepared by means of modern low-E coating which provides better insulation and light transmission. Ecosense essence is intelligent in every essence, be it aesthetics, energy-efficiency, or environmental sustainibility. It is generally used in skylights, glass lift walls, conservatories, and facades.

Ecosense Edge

This solution uses solar control glass having low-E (thermal insulation) features, to be used for single glazing. The solution is environmental-friendly and leads to greater energy savings being a thermal insulator. It is used in skylights, windows, glazing, and facades.

AIS Sunshield

Experience the combined power of durability, advanced heat-reflective technology, and UV protection. This solution is mostly used in greenhouses, partitions, skylights, facades, and hard-coat high-performance glass.

AIS Opal

This durable, hard-coated reflective glass is useful in solar control and thermal insulation and is generally used in skylights, facades, windows, and glazing.

AIS Opal Trendz

This durable hard-coated glass provides advanced solar control and long-lasting performance. It is used in skylights, facades, spider glazing, and partitions.

Glass-based Security Solutions

What is it and Why is it Important?

As important as it is to have an aesthetically appealing living space, it fades in comparison to the functionality of safety and protection. Having strong doors and windows is extremely crucial to the security of the people inside. Modern glass solutions are designed so as to enhance safety and not just aesthetics. AIS Glasxperts has a unique range of glasses that will cater to the security needs of your homes and workspaces.

Fortify Your Space with these AIS Glass Security Solutions

AIS Stronglas

A type of toughened glass, AIS Stronglas is produced by thermal or chemical treatments that render ordinary glass as strong and force-resistant. Moreover, even if it breaks, it shatters into blunt cube-shaped pieces instead of shards, thereby causing no injuries. It is used in windows and doors for providing security and in glass tables and partitions.

Laminated Glass

Also known as safety glass, this sturdy glass is produced by sandwiching two layers of glass with a laminate. This glass is generally considered very safe as it does not break easily and even if it does, the process involves a lot of noise, this proving to be a great thief-deterrent. It is generally used in entrance doors, glass floors, aquariums, and display cases.

Anti-pollution Glass Solutions

What is it and Why is it Important?

Increase in the number of vehicles consequently leads to increase in vehicular emissions. Moreover, rise in industrial activity has also majorly contributed to the pressing issue of air pollution in India. But the problem has taken a much worse course – from air pollution to smog – making driving and even breathing impossible at times. A lot of people use artificial air-purifiers but it only costs you more electricity.

What you really need is window sealant solutions that will not allow air to leak through even minute window gaps. AIS Glasxperts has an entire range of glass solutions catering to the problem of air-pollution.

Keep Pesky Pollutants at Bay with AIS Airtight Sealed Windows

Special Attention at Survey and Installation for Air gaps

AIS Glasxperts' qualified team of survey engineers thoroughly check every possible inlet of your window opening and concentrate all efforts to fill in the air gaps at the time of installation to prevent pollution and provide soundproofing.

Thoroughly Sealed Window System

High-quality gaskets and joints used to strongly seal the windows ensure that no air gaps are left through which pollutants can enter the space.

MULTI-LOCK Window System

Advanced multipoint locking systems ensure such strong sealing of the windows that no pollutants can enter in.

Silicon Sealant

Application of this advanced sealant ensures that no air leakage can take place through the window gaps.

Double Glazed Unit Glasses

Bringing in the benefits of modern glazing systems, double glazing glass solutions prevent heat and noise and are extremely resilient. Not only that, the role of double glazed unit glasses (DGU) in preventing air leakage is unmatched.


Retrofitting means fitting an additional layer of glass on the existing window from the inside. Apart from dust reduction, retrofitting comes with the added benefits of soundproofing, thermal insulation, and UV protection.

uPVC, Wood, and Aluminium Window Frames

Choose from among a wide range of window frames – uPVC, wooden, and aluminium - that are a unique juxtaposition of smart functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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