Customised Interior Glass Doors for Your Homes and Offices
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Customised Interior Glass Doors for Your Homes and Offices

Posted Date: Mar 26, 2020

Customised Interior Glass Doors

Could there be a design element more utilitarian for homes and offices than interior doors? Yet, they don’t receive the attention they deserve. What’s even worse is that they are opened and closed dozens of times every day only to be neglected.

We may look right past our interior doors but these structures contribute as much to the beauty of our spaces as they do to their utility. And as the preferences for aesthetics and functionality differ from person to person, modern-day interior doors are built on the foundation of customisation.  

Glass for Interior Doors: There’s a Solution for Everyone

Glass - the one construction material whose fluid visual appeal is sufficient to leave its beholder awestruck. But, that which is superior in form alone is vanity, right? Modern consumers have a host of requirements; requirements that standard glass doors would fail to meet.

Where well-to-do homeowners are looking for a seamless connection between their luxe patio and living room, modest and minimalistic homeowners are demanding a space-saving system. Where consumers that live near beaches consider energy-efficiency a priority, those living in the middle of a bustling market can’t do without a noise-insulation solution.

So, the question of the hour is – Can modern-day interior glass doors meet such needs? Yes! Innovative glass solutions working in tandem with contemporary door designs can offer that perfect mix of form and function. 

Add Instant Sophistication with Interior Glass Doors

Striking a balance between form and function, modern interior glass doors are available in the following design options -

Sliding Interior Glass Doors

Gliding along a single horizontal track and opening and closing sideways as opposed to standard doors that open outwards or inwards, sliding interior glass doors work as expansive walls, maximising the outside view.

Not only do they offer a seamless indoor-outdoor connection but they are the ideal choice for small rooms where space-saving is a priority. For example – bathrooms, kitchens, or attics. Moreover, in offices, they are great for cabins that are located alongside a passageway that divides the cabins from cubicles on the other end – standard doors that project out may lead to unnecessary congestion. 

Casement Interior Glass Doors

Though with roots that penetrate deep into history (almost four centuries to be precise), casement interior glass doors hold a special place in contemporary architecture and interior designing. Hinged on one side and opening outwards, this pair of doors offers superior ventilation and outdoor views. Hence, they are mostly used as front entry doors and openings to patios.

Yet, their versatility makes them an ideal option even for bedrooms and larger kitchens. In offices, they work best as front entry doors.

French Interior Glass Doors

Similar to casement doors in terms of operability, French interior glass doors have multiple glass panels generally running along the full length of the door as opposed to single glass panels of casements.

Besides being a popular choice for opening up to garden areas and decks, French interior glass doors are also a great option for home libraries and workspaces as they allow ample natural light and effectively create the illusion of a larger and airier space. Moreover, they make for a great option for larger office cabins and conference rooms. For greater privacy, tinted or frosted glass can be used. 

Bi-Fold Interior Glass Doors

Made using a series of individual folding door panels, bi-fold interior glass doors generally fold along a single track. Such doors can be pushed to one or both sides of the structural opening.

Bi-fold interior glass doors are great for small or congested spaces as they effectively create the illusion of a larger space. They provide excellent outdoor views and can be best used as openings to decks, terraces, and gardens. They can also be used for conference rooms in offices.

Moreover, you do not even need to open the entire series – an individual unit can also be opened and used as an entry and exit point. 

Pivoted Interior Glass Doors

Pivot glass doors are generally hinged at the top and bottom of the door at the centre or off-centre point. Meaning, when pivot doors are opened, they are partially in and partially out. You can have a single pivoted interior glass door installed to give a luxe feel or a series of them to exude a modernistic vibe.

Pivot doors make for alluring and grand entryways, both at homes and offices.

When the above-mentioned interior glass doors are used in combination with advanced glass solutions, you can effortlessly enjoy safety and security, privacy (even on demand), energy-efficiency, acoustic insulation, and anti-pollution.

Are you looking for premium-quality interior glass doors? Get in touch with AIS Glasxperts! Our doors are offered in three frame variants – uPVC, timber, and aluminium. Moreover, our glass solutions for interior glass doors span across all the key requirements. When blended, together they will make your homes and offices reflect your individuality.

So, what are you waiting for? Make haste and get in touch with us today!

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