uPVC Doors and Windows : Supporting Comfort and Creativity
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Create Your Ideal Space with uPVC Doors and Windows

Posted Date: Apr 06, 2020

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Long gone are the days when standardised homes and offices were the norms. The architecture and interior designing industries have greatly evolved from their humble origins to an iconic point where spaces can epitomise modernism not just through their appearance but also by their functionalities.

A key determinant of an ideal living or working space is the type of doors and windows that are installed. Such components not only create a welcoming look but they also contribute towards making the place habitable.

And uPVC windows and doors are a rising star in the fenestration industry, helping the masses design the space of their dreams.

What is uPVC?

Short for unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, uPVC is a more rigid form of the polymer PVC and one of the recent construction materials. Because of its rigidity and sturdiness, it is popularly used in the fenestration industry for the construction of door and window frames. 

uPVC Doors and Windows: Supporting Comfort and Creativity

Crafting the ultimate haven is both exciting and enriching when you opt for the tough polymer uPVC. But, how exactly can uPVC windows and doors help you create the ideal space? Let us find out –

Ridiculously Low-Maintenance

The inherent nature of uPVC is such that it requires minimal maintenance and care. uPVC is resistant to damage from dust, moisture, heat, corrosion, salt or brine, and termites. As a result, it does not experience rotting, pitting, peeling, or corroding.

A simple wipe using a damp dust cloth dipped in a mild soap solution will be enough to renew the charm of uPVC windows and doors. 

Resilient and Long-Lasting

The highly resistant nature of uPVC to nature’s most common corruption agents grants uPVC windows and doors a rather long life. They will easily last you for 30+ years! And what’s more, is that you will not have to repaint or refinish them throughout their lifespan unless you want a change in their appearance. 

Highly Hygienic

uPVC window and door frames are well sealed to the glass using high-quality silicone sealants. As a result, even air is prevented from invading the spaces when the windows are closed. This is especially useful considering the rising levels of air pollution. All harmful pollutants, pollen, and dirt are locked out of your home by uPVC windows and doors.

Moreover, since uPVC windows and doors also come with internal water drainage slots, raised track rail, and gradient slope, they do not allow water stagnation – a breeding ground for mould and mildew.

Acoustic Insulation

Because uPVC windows and doors are sealed tight using premium sealants that do not allow air to enter, they also keep unwanted external noise at bay. But the best way to achieve absolute protection from outside noise would be to have soundproof glass installed. The special PVB interlayer of such glasses is capable of blocking out noise by 90%!


There are three main factors involved in making uPVC windows and doors highly energy-efficient – the window frame, the glass, and the sealing mechanism.

As a material for the window frame, uPVC is a poor conductor of heat. This makes it a good insulator. Moreover, the air-tight sealing technique used for uPVC doors and windows prevents energy exchange further. Finally, when used in combination with high-performance heat-reflective glass, uPVC windows and doors become the ideal energy-efficiency solution. 

Safe and Secure

uPVC windows and doors can help put the ‘safe’ into your safe haven. Mostly, these doors and windows come with multi-point locking systems that make them difficult to break in. Moreover, to take the safety factor to the ultimate level, get toughened safety glass installed that is almost five times stronger than ordinary glass.

Moreover, toughened safety glass does not shatter into sharp shards but into blunt, pebble-like pieces that are safe and do not cause serious injuries. 

100% Non-Toxic and Sustainable

Perhaps the reason for the growing popularity of uPVC among eco-conscious homeowners and interior designers is the sustainability of the material. uPVC is a completely eco-friendly material and can be recycled time and time again to reduce the carbon footprint. This makes it safe, not just for the occupants but also for the environment.

Great Design Flexibility

uPVC windows and doors are highly customisable – in terms of design options, sizes, and colours. You can choose from a range of doors and windows – sliding, casement, French, etc. and eye-catching shades to milder pastel hues. uPVC windows and doors allow you the flexibility to create a space that tells your story.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for door and window options for your stunning beachouse, a condo located in the midst of a bustling street, or a serene treehouse surrounded by luscious greenery, uPVC windows and doors are the answer. Opt for an easy-to-operate sliding uPVC door as an opening to your patio or wide-mouthed uPVC casement windows to take in the cool breeze and breath-taking views of the ocean – the design options are limitless!

Wondering where to find high-quality uPVC doors and windows? Why contact AIS Glasxperts! We offer uPVC windows and doors that tick all the above-mentioned checkboxes and we source premium glass solutions directly from our parent brand – Asahi India Glass Limited. Whatever your definition of an ideal space, our uPVC windows and doors can create it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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