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Create an Illusion of More Space with Glass Partitions in Home Designs

Posted Date: Sep 21, 2020

Glass Doors and Windows | Frames and Designs

First impressions are not the last, but they sure are lasting, especially when it comes to the décor of your home. Therefore, knowing what to do with one’s space is more critical than its size. If you live in a metropolis and are short on square footage, glass partitions are a must for you.

Why? Because nothing lends a sense of openness to a residence quite like glass. Be it a dull passage or the space between your drawing and dining area; a glass divider can offer segmentation without obstructing the view. And, what's more, is that today there exist various types of glass, offering a host of functionalities. For example, if you live close to a noisy street, you can choose soundproof glass. Love glass but also want a hint of colour? Try a stained or lacquered glass partition.

It is no secret that glass partitions offer clear views as far as the eye can see, thus opening up your home. Therefore, before you set your sights on installing glass dividers, learn all about the unique designs you can procure from the list given below.

Go Frameless!

Are you after a chic, futuristic look, or do you live next to the ocean and want stunningly clear vistas to pour in? In both cases, a frame lacing your glass partition or wall is an unnecessary hindrance that can be done away with today. As surprising as it may sound, you can get glass partitions without a frame.

Imagine being behind a protective transparent shield where there is zero obstruction from the frame. Is it safe? Yes, it is entirely safe to install scintillating frameless glass partitions at your home. These structures are secured with the help of spider fittings, which are rock solid. Even with frameless glass partitions, you will spot a thin line running where two glass panels meet, so there is very little chance of walking into them. Try frameless glass partitions to divide your kitchen and dining room or inside your bathroom for opening up cramped corners.

Because it’s Better to Bend Than to Break

Picture a sleek curved glass slab kissing the ceiling. Curved glass partitions are genuinely unique in the sense that they offer timeless style and practicality. While most partitioning systems are straight, curved dividers offer something softer and classier. One of the best parts about curved glass partitions is that you can customise the degree of the curve to a large extent.

It all depends on your service provider and the level of bespoke options they offer. Curved glass partitions can be clubbed with various qualities of glass, such as insulation, translucency, energy-efficiency, and much more.

Stains Can be Good Too

If you wish to install a partition without entirely compromising on privacy, choose stained glass. This way, you also add a dash of colour into your home. Not only does stained glass look sublime, but it also allows diffused light to pass through.

You can also install a glass partition with several small panels. Out of which, a few can be made from clear glass, a few from etched or frosted surfaces, and the rest from stained panels. Use stained glass partitions to deck up your foyer area, shower enclosure doors, and internal windows.

For Your On-Demand Privacy Needs

Sure, etched and frosted glass partitions offer privacy, but they partially obstruct the view, thus taking away some of the extra sense of space. So, what when you want total privacy at times, and complete transparency other times? Simple! Choose smart or switchable glass partitions. What is smart glass? Also called switchable glass, smart panes can go from opaque to transparent and vice versa at the flick of a switch.

Switchable glass dividers alter light transmission properties when an electric current passes through them. These structures open up your home whenever you want and otherwise offer you unbeatable privacy. Even when these panes turn opaque, they allow in diffused light, which brightens up any space. Smart glass partitions are an excellent idea for one of your bedroom walls. Since these dividers comfortably withstand moisture, you can use them inside your bathrooms as well.

Over to You 

It’s safe to say that you have now been introduced to some of the most striking glass partitions that are sure to amplify the space in your home. However, bear in mind that choosing the right installation expert is just as important as selecting the correct glass partition.

Are you looking to create a striking illusion of space with the help of glass dividers? If so, then turn to AIS Glasxperts – India’s top glass lifestyle solutions provider. Call us or walk into any one of our showrooms, state your preference, and allow our professionals to help you with all your glass-related needs.

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