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Office is like a second home for most of us. We tend to spend more time in the office than at our own home. Every day, we come across a diverse range of people. Some sharing similarities, while others different from us. Our efficiency depends on the ambience of our workplace. Some people work well in an environment where everyone is contributing, with soft music and hence, they are able to get the best ideas possible. Some people require a quiet and private ambience to be coherent and productive.


Office Solutions From GlasXperts
Corporate organisations now-a-days, are focusing more on the needs of employees, giving them the personal workspace to get the best out of them and enhance their efficiency. The internal and external noise creates a disturbing environment for the employees.


Privacy in the office is not just required for the employees but also for the purpose of holding meetings and discussions. Glass is being used to overcome the problem of maintaining privacy in offices. Glass creates a perfect balance in maintaining aesthetic yet private ambience.


With the technological growth, glass has transformed to meet the needs of fulfilling the privacy requirement in an office workspace. Various glass solutions helps you to stay connected without getting disturbed.



Switchable glass


Smart Glass For Your Smart Interiors

AIS Swytchglas for smarter interiors

With this revolutionary glass, you change the visibility from transparent to opaque so as to block the vision and also control heat transmission. This can be done at the switch of a button. It creates a perfect balance between style and privacy. This solution is perfect for the conference, meeting and boardrooms, where you can impress and surprise your clients with this unique feature. Always remember, first impression is the last impression.


Glass with Integrated blinds


Integrated Glass Blinds for your interiors

Integrated blinds give a classic look to a space where they are installed. These glass blinds are remote operated designed to create a private and secluded work ambience. In addition, the various patterned blinds like Venetian or Roller gives different visibility options and balance between privacy and aesthetics.


View control films


View Control Films

These films are applied on windows, doors or partitions glass to restrict the visibility. These are majorly used in offices, conference rooms and cabins. Also helps in reducing the amount of heat entering the space and gives an elegant, vibrant touch to it.


Noise reduction:


Noise Cancellation solutions from GlasXperts

One of the best features that glass solutions provide is reduction in noise. With the double layered printed glass, the amount of noise entering the room reduces to 30dbs. This helps in peaceful atmosphere and helps in increasing the productivity of the employees. Acoustic solutions create a private workspace and create peaceful interiors. Now having a private and confidential meeting is not an issue anymore.


Bringing together technology, innovation, expertise to create glass solutions, helps in achieving an aesthetically pleasing environment, also, maintaining privacy at the same time.


To know more about different acoustic solutions for office and other spaces visit us at or call us at 08800392001


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