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Common Myths About Toughened Glass Debunked 

Common Myths About Toughened Glass Debunked

Posted Date: Oct 18, 2023

Misconceptions and misunderstandings lead to myths that are often taken as facts. One such myth surrounding tempered glass is that it is unbreakable. While this may seem reasonable, it is merely a misunderstanding.  

Tempered glass, like regular glass, can break but requires more force. This article will look into some of the widespread misconceptions about toughened glass and debunk the myths surrounding them. 

Tempered Glass Is Not Glass 

There is a common misconception among individuals that tempered glass is not composed of glass material but rather a highly durable form of plastic. It is important to recognize that tempered glass is, in fact, annealed glass that has undergone a rigorous process involving exposure to extreme temperatures, resulting in a material that is notably more robust and safer for use in a variety of places, including buildings, phone accessories, and automobiles. 

Toughened Glass Cannot Be Drilled or Cut 

Another common misconception is that once hardened glass has been tempered, it cannot be drilled or cut. Although the toughening procedure greatly boosts the glass's strength, drilling and cutting are still achievable. 

Toughened glass can be cut or drilled successfully by experts with the correct equipment and training. It is vital to keep in mind, nevertheless, that any alterations made to the glass after toughening will weaken its strength and safety attributes. To ensure correct handling and reduce potential risks, it is advised to engage specialists who have experience working with toughened glass. 

Toughened Glass is Not Suitable for Cold Climates 

Though toughened glass does tend to cost a little more than conventional glass, it still offers outstanding value given all of its benefits. Due to its improved strength and safety characteristics, toughened glass is a beneficial investment. 

Additionally, the long-term financial advantages of toughened glass cannot be overlooked. Due to its durability, replacements are needed less frequently, which reduces long-term maintenance expenses. Additionally, it is a cost-effective choice for safeguarding people and their property due to its improved safety features, which may help to avoid catastrophic accidents and liabilities. 

Toughened Glass is Difficult to Clean and Maintain 

Toughened glass is not as difficult to maintain as it is thought to be. Like any other glass surface, it requires routine cleaning to get rid of dust or fingerprints. Toughened glass washing is similar to conventional glass cleaning, though not significantly so. Surfaces made of toughened glass can be thoroughly cleaned with mild household cleaners or a water-vinegar solution. 

Concluding Note  

Compared to conventional glass, AIS Glasxperts’ toughened glass provides increased strength and durability. Individuals can better understand toughened glass's characteristics and make decisions when considering it for various applications by dispelling these widespread misunderstandings. Although toughened glass cannot prevent breakage, it does offer a safer alternative and exceptional value for money.  

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