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Choosing the Right Materials for Your Bathroom Cubicle Installation 

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Bathroom Cubicle Installation

Posted Date: Jan 25, 2024

Installing a shower enclosure can upgrade the look of a tired, outdated bathroom. With the right material choice, shower cubicles also provide years of reliable moisture protection. Materials like glass, acrylic, enamelled steel, and phenolic resist water damage while offering easy cleaning. This allows the shower area to stay sanitary and inviting. The cubicle style, size, and location also impact material choice.  

Review options like framed or frameless glass, then select durable materials suited for your budget, bathroom design, and usage needs. In this article, we'll discuss how to choose the right materials for bathroom cubicle installation. 

Benefits of Investing in Bathroom Cubicles 

  • Durability: Quality bathroom cubicles made from glass, steel, acrylic, or phenolic can withstand humidity, daily use, and cleaning chemicals without degrading over time. Acrylic, glass, and phenolic resist scratches, cracks, and water damage. Enamelled steel prevents corrosion. Proper installation also contributes to longevity. Durable cubicles save the expense of frequent replacement. 

  • Increases Bathroom Space: Shower cubicles reduce wasted floor space compared to bathtubs. Small bathrooms gain sink, toilet and cabinetry capacity with just a neatly boxed shower stall. Larger bathrooms can install more spacious, luxurious walk-in shower enclosures. Doorless showers save even more space.  
  • Aesthetic Look: Sleek glass or acrylic shower enclosures boost the modern style of any bathroom’s look. Frameless glass models increase light. Colourful acrylic liners complement tile and fixtures. Mirrored doors multiply light in cramped bathrooms. Cubicle showers look more upscale than basic tub surrounds. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Shower cubicles contain water spray within a controlled footprint. This minimises leaks in wetting walls and flooring. Their water-resistant surfaces also resist soap scum buildup and mould growth between cleanings. A quick squeegee after showering helps maintain the enclosure. 

Factors to Keep in Mind 

1. Location 

Picking the right spot for your new shower cubicle takes a little planning. You'll want to think about where your existing pipes and drains are so you don't have to mess with moving plumbing - that's a headache! Also, check whether the walls you want to attach it to are load-bearing. And make sure that wherever you plop it down, the cubicle door or curtain can open without bonking into anything.  

2. Size 

When picking your shower cubicle, be sure to measure out the space you're working with. You wanna make sure your new enclosure fits in there! Leave room to fully open the door or curtain without whacking into stuff. Standard sizes are up to 700 millimetres, on the other hand, walk-in wet rooms have a size of about 1600 millimetres. Custom sizes are great if you have a wheelchair or want the most massive, glamorous shower possible. 

3. Protective Coated Cubicles  

If budget is a concern, consider using enamelled glass or porcelain enamel-coated steel panels rather than pricier solid glass or acrylic. The glass and porcelain won't oxidise or rust when exposed to water over time. That enamelling makes cleaning a breeze too. The porcelain enamel is tough enough to resist damage from chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water. 

4. Budget 

Frameless glass cubicles create luxury bathrooms but require higher installation and material costs. Acrylic costs less, but scratches are easier. Prefab steel systems with enamel coatings provide economy. Having existing bathroom walls serve as borders reduces cost. Prioritise quality doors and seals to prevent leaks. 


Investing in durable bathroom cubicles improves functionality and aesthetics in any bathroom. Carefully measure the space, evaluate the installation site, and consider your budget restraints. This allows a smart selection of long-lasting materials like glass, acrylic, phenolic or enamelled steel. With strategic planning and wise material choices, shower cubicles can transform bathrooms into comfortably sized oases protected from water damage for years of daily use. Moreover, if you're searching for a professional in the field for help, contact AIS Glasxperts. 

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