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Checklist to Inspect uPVC Doors & Windows Installation Quality

Posted Date: Oct 05, 2020

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Doors and windows are just doors and windows, or so you would think. But, they’re crucial elements in establishing a dialogue with the outdoors. Plus, as they say, these structures help in making a stunning first impression.

However, the truth is, “Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works”- articulated Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple. And this statement is as relevant today as ever. It’s not as much important as to how your doors and windows look like as it is to determine how well they perform their job – daylight management, proper ventilation, pollution control, energy-efficiency, acoustic insulation, and more.

Do you own uPVC doors and windows but suspect that they might not be functioning at their optimum? After all, these doors and windows are popular for offering loads of aesthetic and functional benefits! In case you do suspect, then the next step is to inspect, inspect your uPVC doors and windows to determine their quality. Here's a checklist to help you out.

Overall Aesthetics
First things first, your uPVC doors and windows are purported to be aesthetic marvels. How unsightly would it be to find uneven or faulty installation and hard-to-remove silicone stains on the frame! Wondering how to ensure a quality finish? Check if the 45-degree line matches both the shutter and the frame. Additionally, check if the gasket's corners have any gaps in them. Shift your focus to the frame and see if there are any stains or labels still left; also, verify if they have been cleaned already.

However, in all of this, do not forget to check the visible hardware and glass for any stains. In case all looks good up until this point, your uPVC doors and windows have successfully ticked their first box – perfectly fine aesthetics.

Frame Fixtures

Now comes the test of fixtures. Fasteners first - check if the fasteners are appropriately fixed in-depth and are not peeking out. See the number of fasteners and check if they are at an adequate distance from one another. Provisions to protect fasteners from moisture or extreme temperature is equally essential. Is the size the same as the one you wanted? Also, make sure that the brand and quality are premia because this is something you do not want to compromise with.

Moving onto the glazing, inspect the glazing packers used and ensure the packer positions are correct in the frames and sashes. Make sure that the gaskets are not too tight or too loose.


uPVC doors and windows are made with a flexible polymer and are easy-to-design. But aesthetics aside, there is something you can’t afford to neglect - the product build. Your windows and doors should be crafted with clean welding junctions, and the measurements of frames and sashes must align with the specifications.

Finally, coming to the glass - The glass needs to be appropriately thick with no scratches. The glazing gap below the glass should be proper. Overall, there should not be any presence of hairline cracks; plus, the height of the handles needs to be ergonomically correct.


Despite the frame and glass being perfect, any glitches in the hardware are enough to spoil the look of your uPVC doors and windows. Your hardware is the jewellery for your window, which is why the hardware must be pertinent to the rest of the design.

The bits which require more surveillance are the quality, colour, and fittings of the handle. Check if the shutter movements are smooth, the material content of the hardware is aptly installed, and the brand is as specified.

If you have sliding doors or windows, then check if the overlap is adjusted for equal shutter overlaps and the sealing overlap of the shutters are properly functional after locking.

Functionality Check

Our final inspection comes down to the ultimate functions that your uPVC doors and windows promise. With admirable designs, uPVC also offers supreme functionality. To check if your windows and doors are accurately installed, you can start with a simple water test and see if they are able to stop the water from escaping.

Do not forget to assess the smoothness while opening and closing; inspect closely for any noise and make sure your doors and windows lock in the way they’re intended to.

So, were your uPVC doors and windows able to check all items?

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