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types of glass

Commercial Walkways: Benefits and Types of Glass Flooring Jun 01, 2022

An elevated glass walkway is largely a wonderful aggregate of design elements: a ground ma......

Wooden Door Design: Should You Opt for Solid or Glass? Jul 26, 2018

Solid or Glass Wooden Door Design: Which is Best
Doors are an important element of the home décor. However, they are often not valued as much until one has to buy new doors for renovation or construction of a house. While buying them, one has to consider a lot of factors as there are many types an......

5 Trends In 2018 For Your Home's Glass Windows May 16, 2018

Home’s Glass Windows Trends
Modern times are witness to homeowners being bold with their interior design. More people are now keen on following the recent trends and upgrading their home experience with changing times. “Contemporary, minimalist yet efficient” lifestyle is s......

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