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noise proof windows

A Short Guide to Getting Your Room's Window Placement Right Oct 30, 2018

Windows are very important when it comes to home design. This is mainly because they're responsible for making a particular area look spacious, ventilated, and well illuminated.The importance of window placement is best observed when there is a ......

3 Privacy Glass Solutions to Consider For A Home Office Mar 06, 2018

3 Privacy Glass Solutions for Home Office
It is not uncommon to see many professionals, especially those who are practicing business or entrepreneurship, to have a dedicated work space at their home. This trend of a home office has really lift off with the advent of mobile communication devi......

Noise cancellation doors and windows for office Aug 11, 2017

noise cancelling doors
The most desirable quality in office design is the seamless flow of thoughts, ideas, and communication without being affected by any external factor, such as noise. After all, offices are spaces designated for brainstorming, productivity, and growth.......

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