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Energy Efficient Glass

All about Energy Efficient Glass Windows Jun 02, 2021

All about Energy Efficient Glass Windows
With the Earth heading towards ......

Heat Strengthened Glass: Properties and Applications Jun 09, 2020

Heat Strengthened Glass
Have you lately been flipping through the glossy pages of architectural magazines for inspiration on materials for your new home? Do you want to award your renovation project a modern look and feel without compromising on privacy and safety? If yes, ......

How Do You Combat Rising Smog & Pollution Oct 11, 2018

Rising Smog & Pollution
Although India has witnessed rapid economic growth, industrialization, and expansion of cities at a fast pace since liberalization, the air pollution too has reached a peak as a result. So much so that the figures of death rates caused by pollution h......

Wooden Door Design: Should You Opt for Solid or Glass? Jul 26, 2018

Wooden Door Design: Solid or Glass?
Doors are an important element of the home décor. However, they are often not valued as much until one has to buy new doors for renovation or construction of a house. While buying them, one has to consider a lot of factors as there are many types an......

The Most Professional Glass Cleaning Services for Your Building Feb 10, 2018

Professional Glass Cleaning Services for Buildings
The rise of hi-tech, modern architecture in construction of residential and commercial spaces across metropolitan cities has been accompanied with an increasing focus on glass as a building material of choice. Not only is glass, in its many specializ......

Energy efficient glass solutions for comfortable interiors Jun 20, 2017

Energy efficient glass solutions for interiors
Summers and winters, both are associated with high energy bills. During summers, the excessive use of air conditioner increases consumption of energy. Whereas during winters, heaters are used to maintain an optimum temper......

Save energy and money in summers using solar control glass solutions Apr 25, 2017

solar control glass solutions For Summers
The approaching summer months already have people in turmoil about the increased electricity bills and unbearable heat. Stepping outdoors during these months is only limited to air- conditioned malls or restaurants where the temperature has been cont......

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