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Bring Your Spaces to Life with AIS Decor

Posted Date: Jan 10, 2020

Home Interiors with Lacquered Glass

A unique decorative glass used in modern homes, AIS Décor, is the most elegant lacquered glass manufactured by Asahi India Glass Ltd – India’s market leader in terms of architectural and automotive glass solutions. It adds unrivalled aesthetic value to both your residential and commercial spaces,  courtesy of its excellent build and carefully engineered design. Here are some primary features of AIS Décor -

World-Class Manufacturing Process

AIS Décor is manufactured like any other lacquered glass. However, the manufacturing process begins with high-quality raw materials and certified techniques preached by glassmakers internationally. The lacquer film used on AIS décor is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it the perfect glass for ecologically conscious home and office owners. After the application of the lacquer to one side of AIS décor, it is cured in hot ovens of superior quality. The entire curing process is monitored by technicians to ensure optimum safety and smooth finish of the lacquered glass.


Famous for manufacturing glass solutions that offer high durability, AIS Glass’ AIS décor is no different. An extraordinary amount of precision goes into crafting it in a manner that increases its longevity. Since lacquered glass is typically coloured, AIS Glass uses fine-quality lacquer to ensure that the colours last longer. Moreover, the uniform finish attained on AIS Décor at the end of the manufacturing process further ensures that different paints and hues adhere to it flawlessly. This makes your homes and offices look brand new even after years of installation.

Range of Choices

Your living or working space is a reflection of your tastes, personality and aspirations. No one understands this fact better than AIS Glass. That is why we have made AIS Décor incredibly customisable. We offer several shades in AIS Décor – from black pearl to chrome yellow. This makes it possible for you to install AIS Décor in all your spaces without worrying about the aesthetics of it. You can choose from a diverse shade palette, a wide array of designs and different finishes.

AIS décor is incredibly versatile. It can easily be bevelled, cut, ground, drilled, edge-finished and polished to ensure it fits in well with all your requirements.

Heat, Moisture and UV-Resistance

AIS Glass has always adhered to its philosophy of making your life enhanced and easier. To ensure that you do not have to fret over replacing or maintaining your lacquered glass every few months, we make AIS Décor heat, moisture and UV-resistant. While Décor can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees, it is advisable not to expose it to extreme heat for prolonged periods. Décor also tolerates exposure to humidity and is perfect for bathrooms and shower stalls. Its resistance to UV rays helps it stay anew for long periods, even after being exposed to the sun.

Applications of AIS Décor

When it comes to versatility, nothing beats AIS Décor. Whether you are thinking of installing lacquered glass in your house, office or any other space, AIS Décor will be a suitable application. Some of the best ways to use AIS Décor in residential and commercial areas are mentioned below -


Glass doors look sleek and stylish and blend well with several design choices. While using regular glass for entries is not uncommon, having lacquered glass doors can make a style statement for your home. Use AIS Décor to add an instant splash of colour and trendy finish to your spaces. You can experiment with a range of shades and patterns to make your doors quirky and personalised.


Panelling refers to sectioning off a wooden wall inside a lacquered glass structure for decorative purposes. Using AIS Décor for panelling will allow you to style your home or office however you want. Because of AIS Décor's resistance to heat, moisture and UV rays, it becomes the perfect fit for durable panelling.


Modern kitchens are no longer small spaces to cook or eat. They are stylish and blend in with the décor of the rest of the house. AIS Décor graces modern kitchens perfectly. It can be used on countertops, cabinets, cupboards, new walls and under-counter cabinets. Since water spillages are common in kitchens, AIS Décor's moisture-resistance comes in handy.

Closets and Cupboards

Lacquered glass is both opaque and colourful, and therefore perfect for cabinets, cupboards and closets. The usage of AIS Décor in your closets and cupboards ensures that the inner contents remain secure whereas the outside looks fashionable and quirky. You can either choose a colour that blends in with the walls of your room or choose a separate shade for your closet altogether.

At AIS Glaxperts, we offer comprehensive lacquered glass solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. We use AIS Décor to add life and personality to your rooms, offices, kitchens and bathrooms. Our experts assist you in everything from shopping to post-installation care for lacquered glass. If you are thinking of enhancing your spaces with AIS décor, contact AIS Glasxperts for customised glass solutions and expert consultation.

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