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Bring an Ethereal Charm to your Home with Smart Glass

Posted Date: Aug 11, 2022

We all know that in today's era everyone can enjoy better lifestyles owing to advanced technology. Smarter technology has improved our phones, cars, and even the current generation as a whole.

Every human being is living in a crowded environment as a result of urbanization, and in such a setting, we need to alter our structures and their components as well as make our habitat smart. So, do you have a smart home? Or how can a house or structure look more enticing than the typical ones? How can we enable the sun to shine in?

The answer to every question could be incorporating smart glass which can add up in the beauty of your home. Let's find out what smart glass is and how it works at home.

What Is Smart Glass?

Smart glass, also known as light control glass, switchable glass, intelligent glass, or smart privacy glass, is playing a significant role in the improvement of the interior, exterior, and product design sectors of the construction industry. Due to its dynamic nature, a substance that was formerly static can now take on multiple purposes.

With the help of this technology, different types of light, such as UV and IR, can be controlled now with smart glasses. The technology behind smart privacy glass products enables transparent materials to change from clear to partially or entirely opaque on command.

Types Of Smart Glass

Active and passive smart glasses are the broad two types. These are distinguished by whether or not an electrical charge is necessary for transformation. In that case, it is classified as active. If not, it is considered passive. The term "smart glass" mostly refers to active technologies in which privacy glass layers and coatings modify the appearance and functioning of the glass when activated by an electrical charge.

How To Use Smart Glass In Your Home?

Some common applications of this cutting-edge technology include:

  • Windows and doors
  • With Smart Glass technology, the traditional drawback of glass doors—their lack of privacy—is resolved in doors and windows. While glass doors can be made entirely of glass, they are typically paired with metal or wood frames for aesthetic, functional, and safety reasons.

  • Walls and partitions
  • Fixed glass walls or glass partitions can be transformed into flexible apertures that are devoid of visual obstructions and provide a completely uniform look with the addition of Smart Glass doors. Smart Glass walls, when used as a wall partitioner, offer complete privacy by turning opaque in a matter of seconds, but they also offer flexibility for full transparency when necessary.

  • Floors and staircases
  • You may add a stunning design element to your staircases by using switchable glass. When combined with simple balustrades, it nearly seems as though your staircase is floating or invisible. Due to the glass's ability to take on a variety of colours when it is opaque, the contemporary design also enables you to modify your aesthetic whenever you like.

  • Bathrooms
  • Our technology is frequently used in shower/wet rooms of your home, offering you stylish privacy. You can meet your bathroom privacy demands with this switchable laminate glass and switchable double-glazed units. Blinds and curtains, which are sometimes a cause of difficulties in bathrooms, both in terms of appearance and upkeep, are a perfect alternative to switchable double glazing.

  • Skylights
  • Many homeowners look for natural light as a desirable element, but it can be difficult to regulate the quantity that enters. Skylights equipped with Smart Glass can be dimmed and shaded to provide lighting control and cooling for more affordable and energy-efficient houses. Smart glass skylights can change automatically depending on the weather and the time of day if they are controlled by the proper home automation system.

Smart Glass And Privacy Factor

Most of us have this question in our minds whether smart glass offers privacy or not. So, here's your answer: With the flip of a switch, these glasses transform from transparent to opaque, enhancing privacy options with unmatched speed and control. Sounds interesting right?

With the use of Smart Glass, users can frost windows or doors to offer various amounts of privacy throughout the day without sacrificing natural light. These solutions are difficult to install and maintain, do not completely block all light from entering the room, are unsightly and detract from the decor, and do not prevent heat from entering. Smart Glass is significantly more effective and requires no maintenance or installation issues. Because curtains, blinds, and shades are so antiquated and unreliable, you won't need them with this technology to retain privacy.

Benefits Of Smart Glass At Home

The following are a few of the most notable advantages of leveraging smart glasses:

  • Offers Privacy
  • The instant privacy that smart glass grants its user is one of its main benefits. The glass transforms from visible to translucent as soon as power is applied, offering immediate and accurate privacy control. Additionally, they are sound-proof and significantly reduce noise levels, which also helps to lower stress levels.

  • Less Strain On Eyes
  • As the light is absorbed by the glass in smart glasses rather than reflecting it back into the observer's eyes, this helps to lessen the strain on the eyes.

  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Smart glasses, as opposed to conventional glass, offer outstanding optical properties that block and deflect nearly 99.5% of the sun's damaging rays without even needing to be activated. As a result of continuous exposure to harmful UV rays, furniture also has a tendency to fade and become damaged rather quickly.

  • Saves Energy
  • Due to the light and heat absorption, it helps reduce high electric costs and keeps the house cool, saving you a tonne of money you would have otherwise spent on air conditioning. Similar to how they keep out the moisture and cold in the winter, they also block warm air from leaving, which reduces your need for electricity and lowers your energy costs.

  • Easy To Clean
  • Smart windows are dust-free and require just occasional wiping-down maintenance, unlike conventional windows that require routine cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, since you can choose the desired level of privacy using the window controls, you no longer need to spend money on blinds and drapes to cover the windows. You are then relieved of the duty of performing routine cleaning and washing.

Why AIS Glasxperts?

So if you're looking forward to getting your home transformed into a smart home then contact AIS Glasxperts for the best services.

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