How to Bring Efficiency with Energy-Efficient Glass Solutions
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Bring Efficiency to Your Space with Energy-Efficient Glass Solutions

Energy Efficient Glass Solution for Home

Posted Date: Oct 01, 2019

Energy Efficient Glass Solution for Home

A room with a lack of natural light brings with it a sense of gloom and increased need for artificial lighting. In a time of climate crisis, reducing our carbon footprint must be a priority. To reduce your energy consumption, and to maintain the temperature of a room without using an excess of air conditioning, choose energy-efficient windows and doors. Apart from increasing natural light in a space, energy-efficient glass products help reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Energy-efficient glass solutions offer various ways to maximize natural light, while also maintaining the right temperature in a space. They help a space become greener without compromising on the style and ambience. Such doors and windows can be customized according to your requirements. They’re available in different frames, styles, and patterns.

What is energy-efficient glass? 

Glass, in and by itself, allows heat to readily escape. But, modern-day variants of it known as energy-efficient glass or low-e glass functions exactly the opposite. Energy-efficient glassis unique kind of innovative glass that helps to maintain temperature and restricts the flow of heat due to temperature differences. Out of all the outlets of a residential edifice, it is through the windows that heat escapes the most. Traditionally, glass windows were only single-glazed (something that proved to be ineffective in trapping heat). Then, came in double-glazing (this was better than the former but definitely did not cut it). Finally, entered triple-glazing using low-e glass (which involves an invisible coating responsible for locking in internal heat and reflecting it back into the interior space) and it did solve the issue of heat loss.

If you’re living in regions that experience long winters and are tired of receiving hefty energy bills, energy-efficient glass will help in reducing your energy consumption and in turn, bills. Ordinary windows fail to provide proper insulation, thereby leading to loss of heat and comfort. By installing low-e glass windows, you will keep your living space warmer due to reduced heat loss, minimal air leakage and reduced condensation.

Benefits of energy-efficient glass at work

At a workplace, energy-efficient glass can be used to create partitions between different areas. It helps in maintaining thermal insulation, which reduces the need for using electrical appliances to manage temperature - like air conditioning. This saves energy, reduces carbon emissions, and is also more economical from a business point of view. Partitions also lend the workplace a distinct sense of privacy while maintaining transparency and an open-door work culture. Ecosense Edge, an energy-efficient solution offered by AIS Glasxperts, uses solar control glass with a high level of thermal insulation. This product is ideal for offices, especially for bigger buildings since they require higher levels of thermal insulation. It not only helps control the level of heat but also keeps the building illuminated, stylish, and eco-friendly.

Benefits of energy-efficient glass at home

At home, using energy-efficient glass in windows and skylights enhances the aesthetic appeal of your spaces and ensures optimal utilization of natural light. During the day, there is absolutely no need to use artificial light as the space receives ample sunlight. Since energy-efficient glass reflects infrared heat and captures the maximum amount of natural light, it makes it possible to place plants inside your house.

This also protects you and your family from infrared rays, which can be harmful to skin and health. AIS Glasxperts offers a varied range of energy-efficient glass solutions to fit your needs. Ecosense Exceed, for instance, offers low emissivity, a type of energy-efficient coating that prevents heat from escaping a room through energy-efficient windows. This makes an ideal product for houses situated in cool areas. Using Ecosense Exceed will reduce the need to use heaters, reducing your electricity bills and lowering your carbon emissions. Ecosense Essence is another solution that uses low emissivity coating with enhanced thermal insulation and light transmission. We also provides offer these solutions for glasses already installed in your home, making the process of saving energy hassle-free.

In a time of climate crisis, energy-efficient glass is an eco-friendly solution offered by AIS Glasxperts for commercial and residential spaces. It reduces the need for you to use other energy sources, thus bringing your energy consumption down. Using energy-efficient glass in windows, partitions, skylights, and facades also manages the thermal insulation in your spaces without using any electrical appliances. You can choose to use this glass in different ways to maintain privacy and create a space that is eco-friendly.

With 360-degree services and energy-efficient glass solutions, AIS Glasxperts helps you choose, install, and maintain glass solutions according to your needs, making your spaces more efficient and comfortable. Switch to sustainable living with AIS Glasxperts today!

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