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Bring colours to your hotel rooms with glass

Hotels are the establishments’ people turn to when they want to experience a luxurious and relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Along with being an avenue for escape, the interior of a hotel also needs to reflect positivity and calm in a trendy manner. Modern solutions done exquisitely are a foremost priority for the hospitality industry. However, with excessive footfall witnessed on a daily basis, it is imperative that these décor solutions and furnishings are done in a durable and sturdy material. Combining all these solutions with multiple benefits is glass.

This modern architectural material has surpassed all its counterparts due to its aesthetic and functional properties. Gone are the days when glass meant a transparent and fragile material, with technological advancement rendering this building material versatile and customisable in a long-lasting manner. Glass solutions can be used in windows, doors, partitions, table tops and on cabinets, to add colour and style to your hotel. 

Glass windows

uPVC window solutions for a posh look

Chandigarh, in recent years, has seen an increasing rise in hotels with an increasing number of high-end clientele exploring this city. A leading glass solution trending with high-end hotels has been uPVC frames with stained glass solutions. Used on windows, doors and as stylistic partitions, stained glass solutions do wonders to elevate your interiors in a glamorous and colourful manner. This type of glass solution is highly customisable with designs ranging from extremely intricate to broad abstract splashes of colour based on one’s preferences.

When placed against a backdrop of light, the colours in stained glass come alive enriching the décor even further. Encased in uPVC windows these glass solutions can help hotels in Chandigarh create a niche for themselves, and attract a bigger and better crowd. The major benefit of uPVC frames is in their ability to be extremely durable and low-maintenance while providing an aesthetic quality par none.

uPVC frames hotel

Hotels can opt for different colour and finish frames in different locations to create an aesthetic theme ranging from vibrant to calmer hues based on their location. In addition, stained glass solutions offer a sense of privacy without blocking the space, as the colours allow the light to filter in while blocking the view. The durable nature of this glass solution makes it a possible choice for doors, bathroom and room windows and as stylistic dividers between sections of a room.

Another colourful solution – lacquered glass is a popular choice for hotels these days. This extremely durable solution is produced by infusing a sheet of lacquer on plain glass, strengthening it. The colour of the lacquered glass can be customised as per one’s preference and is largely used on shelves, cabinet doors and counter tops.

Stylistic wooden door frames to transform the interiors

Trendy glass solutions when encased in a modern wooden frame can greatly add to the allure of the space. Modern advancements in wooden glass door designs have changed the concept of a door from a block of plywood to a stunning combination of wood and glass. Earlier, hotels opted for standard wooden or metal doors to ensure the privacy of guests residing with them. However, colourful and design-laden glass solution encased in a wooden frame, allow for this need in an aesthetic way. The wooden door frames are available in numerous finishes from light to medium and dark, that can be chosen based on the overall décor and colour theme of the space.

An added benefit of glass solution apart from its aesthetic charm lies in its functional benefits. New-age advances like sound proof glass and obscure glass ensure complete privacy for the guests without isolating them. In addition, toughened glass solutions add to the durability and safety of these glass solutions making them the perfect fit for a busy place like a hotel. Even with repeated casual impact, toughened glass solutions are almost impossible to break. If, by accident, these glasses are broken into, they do not disintegrate into sharp shards that can injure someone, but actually crumble into tiny round pieces greatly reducing the risk of injury.

glass facades

Thus, no matter what your requirement is, glass solutions encased in wooden frames can transform your hotel and set it apart from the competition. Guests can enjoy their privacy and comfort in a soothing backdrop of colours done in trendy designs. As glass solutions are extremely low-maintenance and durable, the long term repair and sustenance costs for the hotel are also decreased adding to the allure of this material. For more information about how this modern material can transform your hotel and expert guidance on choosing the right design to complement your space, kindly contact a reputed glass manufacturer in your locality.

Author Bio: Amit Chaudhary, 28 years old handles the Brand Glasxperts of Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS).  He is based out of Delhi and is also a fitness fanatic.

Contact Details: Write to me at amit.chaudhary@glasxperts.comor call 08800392001

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