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Wooden Doors and Windows – It’s Benefits, Features & Applications

The timeless beauty of timber is unrivalled as all of nature’s bounties are. Wood has been used as a construction material since time immemorial and continues to be popular, especially in the fenestration industry. Wooden doors and windows hold power to render elegance, class, and warmth to any space without being extravagant. While the timelessness, style, and grace of timber as a construction material remain unmatched, wooden doors and windows do much more than beautify your home. Modern homeowners prefer wooden windows and doors frames to add both sleekness and value to their homes.

What Makes Timber Frames Special?

Durable and Long-Lasting

Wood has one of the lowest coefficients of expansion amongst materials used for constructing window frames and doors. This essentially means that wood is immune to thermal fluctuations and does not expand or contract due to weather changes. Since most windows and decorative doors are affixed with glass, a frame constructed out of wood prevents the glass from breaking due to the rapid contraction of the structure. If properly sealed, wooden frames also do not warp or crack, making them last longer. Moreover, wood is entirely resistant to rust and smut, making it perfect for homes located in particularly humid regions.


As a homeowner, you should not underestimate the need for insulation in your home. Properly insulated homes do not generate exorbitant energy bills and are eco-friendly since the heat or cold air remains contained within the walls. Being one of the worst conductors of both heat and electricity, wooden doors and windows act as the perfect insulator for your house when installed in windows and doors. Moreover, wooden doors and windows provide optimum noise insulation, especially when wooden windows are equipped with acoustic or double-paned glass.


Some homeowners wrongly believe that wooden windows and door frames are challenging to maintain because they facilitate mould or pest growth. However, maintenance is never a problem when wooden frames are made of high-quality timber and are sealed with suitable sealants. All that wooden doors and windows need is regular dusting and occasional cleaning with soap and warm water. Even with such slight maintenance, wooden frames do not develop cracks or need to be resealed repeatedly.

Aesthetic Beauty

Timber is a timelessly beautiful material. Wooden doors and windows add a unique aesthetic appeal to your living space. They are timeless and classy, fitting in well with almost all architectural styles. Additionally, timber is one of the most customisable construction materials. Since wood is available in various finishes and shades, you can choose different accents when designing your home. You can also have your wooden doors and windows carved with intricate designs or unique inscriptions to personalise them further.

Wood is extremely friendly to paints of various finishes, textures, and styles. This feature allows you to customise windows and doors according to the colour palette of the rest of your house. You can even have various polishes (Matte, shiny, or silky) on top of the regular paint to enhance the texture in different ways.


Building an ecologically sustainable home is a priority for most homeowners. This objective is difficult to fulfil with frames constructed out of synthetic materials. Wood is 100% biodegradable and, therefore, the perfect choice for the eco-conscious. Even if you choose a coating or a paint for your wooden doors and windows, you have the option of low VOC water-based coatings that fit incredibly well on wood.

Easily Reparable

Some synthetic and even genuine windows and door frames need to be wholly uprooted, even for minor fixes. Such is not the case with wood. Even in case of complex damage, technicians can repair wooden windows without removing window panes. You can fill most damages and cracks with adhesives and sealants. You can cover some minor damages and stains with paints or polishes. Scratches rarely develop on wood, but they can be fixed with some finish or coating if they do.

Characteristics of a Wooden Glass Door


As a natural and incredibly versatile building material, wooden glass doors come in a wide range of designs and can be tailored in terms of their size and design to fit into any interior décor. They can be adapted to fit sliding frames or can easily be hung using hinges. A wooden glass door can suit all functionalities and requirements while adding a unique charm to your home or workplace.


One of the essential characteristics of a wooden glass door is its durability. Wood as a natural product has been used for construction purposes, even in harsh environments, for centuries. Their timelessness proves that wood is indeed a very reliable and stable material for doors.

Coefficient of Expansion

Wood is rarely affected by thermal fluctuations. Unlike other materials, especially metals, wood has the lowest coefficient of expansion. It does not expand or contract rapidly, preventing cracks between the glass and the window frame. Properly sealed wooden frames do not warp or crack and only expand minimally. This renders stability and durability to the fixtures carved out of wood.

Noise Insulation

Noise pollution is detrimental to health as it can do permanent damage to us physiologically and psychologically. Opting for a wooden glass door is an excellent option to safeguard yourself from the ill effects of noise pollution. Wooden glass doors provide excellent acoustic insulation from outside noise. The wood properties keep the noise out and ensure a peaceful environment in your house and office. When the properties of the wooden frame doors are paired with sound-proof glass, they together allow you to create the perfect tranquil setting inside your property.


When wooden doors are paired with energy-efficient glass or Low-E glass, they make the interiors of your property more energy-efficient. Wooden doors with low-E glass trap heat and keep the interiors warm during the winters and cool in the summers by reflecting the sun’s heat away. Wooden doors with low-E glass help to maintain an ideal temperature zone inside your property. Moreover, they lower the need for artificial cooling or heating systems which helps in reducing your energy bills. Glass in your wooden door frames will also allow more natural light inside, illuminating your space and consequently reducing the need for artificial lighting, hence again helping save energy in your home or office. The addition of low-E glass to the wooden doors also protects the interior of your property from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays.


Wooden doors are solid and sturdy. When the sturdy wooden door is paired with toughened glass, they together can provide optimum security to your office or home. Wooden doors with toughened glass can protect your property from physical intrusion or breakage. As toughened glass is impact-resistant, you can also use wooden doors with toughened glass inside your home without the worry of it causing any injury.

Applications of a Wooden Glass Door


Wooden windows and doors add a touch of regale to your living space. They are a trademark of luxurious homes that are ecologically sustainable, noise proof and thoroughly insulated. With wooden doors and windows installed in your home, you will not have to worry about maintenance and repairs constantly. Wooden frames suit all homes perfectly.


A wooden frame with a glass door is an excellent choice for cabins and conference rooms in the office. It adds a sense of style to your office space while maintaining privacy. A wooden glass door also blocks all kinds of outside noise and lets you concentrate on your work.


For hotels, the comfort of the guests and visual appeal is everything which is why a combination of wooden frames and glass doors is the best option. They help in creating a luxurious ambience with a classic touch while providing privacy and noise insulation.

Retail store

A wooden door with glass creates an inviting aura. Its classic appeal helps in catching potential customers’ attention and piquing their interest.


The noise insulation and energy-efficient properties of a wooden glass door can help maintain a comfortable environment for the patients. Incorporating wooden doors with glass in the cabins can be an excellent architectural solution for a healthcare facility’s better functionality.

Maintenance and Care Guide

Wooden doors and windows require regular care and maintenance. If you want to ensure that your wooden window or wooden glass door design remains undamaged and functions properly for years, it is essential that you invest time in their care and maintenance. For those planning to sell their property in the future, it becomes more important to do periodic checks of their doors and windows as they are a vital part of the home appeal. Well maintained and clean looking doors not only create a great first impression on people but also add to the aesthetic value of the home.

General Practices for Maintaining Wooden Window Frames

While good-quality wooden window frames do not require extensive maintenance, taking care of them frequently can extend their life with their timeless beauty intact. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your wooden window frames as good as new –

Paint or Stain New Wooden Window Frames

Bare wood windows require painting or finishing right after installation. This is done to protect them against moisture and dust.

Wood is a highly paint-friendly material, allowing you to choose from several shades and accents. Virtually any colour that you can imagine for your walls can be painted onto your wooden windows. However, if you are not a fan of painted wood, you can always opt for a transparent protective finish.

If your wooden window frames aren’t pre-primed at the installation time, make sure you water-seal and prime them before applying paint or any varnish. Priming promotes increased paint adhesion and will also make the shine of the shade last longer. Oil-based paints and stains work best with wood, whereas water-based paints require a top sealing layer.

Remember to check your windows regularly for paint degradation. In case the colour or shine has chipped off over time, have your wooden windows refurnished.

Dust Them Regularly

Regardless of where you live, dusty windows and doors are inevitable. Over time, the dust accumulated on your window frames can take away their shine and make them dull. If you want to maintain the pristine nature of your wooden window frames, dust them regularly.

For dusting your windows:

  1. Use a completely dry cloth or a particular window cleaning brush.
  2. Run the fabric on top of the frames for a few minutes. Use a fine-toothed brush to dust the corners and the sills.
  3. Use a rough-textured cloth to scrub a little if the dust is stuck to the frames.

Caulking Helps

Caulk is a fenestration material used to seal gaps in frames to prevent leakage or air infiltration. It is usually done at the seams of your wooden window frames. With constant wear-and-tear, however, caulk can degrade.

If you want to prevent moisture-induced damage on your wooden window frames, check for damaged caulking on the exterior edges of your windows. If you notice any chipping, have exterior caulk filled into the gaps.

Check for Mildew

If you live in a humid climate, the growth of mould and mildew might be a persistent problem for your wooden window frames. Even if your windows do not receive appropriate sunlight, they can be mildewed. Over time, these problems can translate into permanent damage or rotting of your wooden window frames.

To avoid this issue, inspect your windows for a thin whitish coating that is usually powdery. It can also appear on the window glass if it has spread. Clean off mildew with sandpaper and follow with painting or varnishing.

Deep Cleanse Sometimes

Once in a while, you may need to clean your windows thoroughly to bring back their original appeal. Wooden window frames do not have to be deep-cleaned frequently, especially if you dust them regularly and have a paint or stain coating on them.

To clean your window frames:

  1. Please take a little bit of mild liquid detergent and mix it with water to create a solution.
  2. Dip a microfiber cleaning cloth in the mixture and wring out all the excess water by squeezing the fabric properly.
  3. Make sure that no water drips from the fabric before you start cleaning.

Gently wipe all exposed surfaces of the window with the cloth. You may reach the nooks and crannies by using a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in the detergent solution. Do not use stiff steel brushes, sandpaper or rough-textured materials for cleaning if your windows are painted or stained.

Crucial Tips for Maintenance

While uPVC windows in India are on the rise, wooden frames are also very much in vogue. Unlike uPVC, wood needs a fair bit of maintenance to prolong its longevity. Salt, moisture, dust, and dirt are detriments to wood. Regular cleaning will help you maintain the luxurious look of your wooden doors and windows and keep them spotless for years. Here are a few excellent tips on how to take care of your doors and windows crafted from wood, especially those having a wooden profile:

  1. Mix 1 tbsp of a liquid detergent, usually a mild one, with a quart of warm water. Make a soapy solution out of it and use it to wipe clean the wooden frames with the help of a clean sponge. Make sure you wring out the dirty water from time to time. This method should only be applied once the window or door has been wholly dusted off.
  2. For minute accumulations of dirt, you don’t need to use a detergent. Instead, gently clean the area with a very soft-bristled brush wetted with warm water. Use a water jet to remove dirt stuck in inaccessible corners.
  3. If the wooden frames have a mildew growth or peeling old paint, it is suggested that you immediately take action. Use fine-grit sandpaper for scrubbing off the grime. To access corners, use an angled sanding sponge. Before sanding, do remember to tape off the glass windows to prevent damage to the surface.
  4. What do you do when you spot cracks on the wooden surface? Fill the gaps with a wood filler with the help of a putty knife, and smoothen the surface with the knife blade.

The AIS Advantage

At AIS GlasXperts, we understand the kind of multi-functionality you expect out of your wooden doors and windows. As a result, we have designed several wooden window and door frame solutions for you. Our European-quality, highly engineered wooden windows and doors are made using Accoya, the best-quality wood in the world. On all our products, we promise you a warranty for five years and on our timber, a guarantee of 50. We also pledge that our products do not bend, warp, or swell under normal circumstances. Moreover, we customise your window and door frames as required and offer numerous style choices from a carefully designed product catalogue. Our Accoya wood is 100% FSC / PEFC certified, and our products comply with international standards of manufacturing and design.

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