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Benefits of Wooden Window and Door Frames for Home

Posted Date: Jan 15, 2020

The timeless beauty of timber is unrivalled as all of nature’s bounties are. Wood has been used as a construction material since time immemorial and continues to be popular, especially in the fenestration industry. Wooden doors and windows hold the power to render elegance, class, and warmth to any space without being extravagant. While the timelessness, class, and grace of timber as a construction material remains unmatched, wooden doors and windows do much more than just beautifying your home. Modern homeowners prefer wooden windows and doors frames to add both sleekness and value to their homes. Here is why timber frames are perfect additions to your home -

What Makes Timber Frames Special?

Durable and Long-Lasting

Wood has one of the lowest coefficients of expansion amongst materials used for constructing window frames and doors. This essentially means that wood is immune to thermal fluctuations and does not expand or contract due to changes in weather. Since most windows and decorative doors are affixed with glass nowadays, a frame constructed out of wood prevents the glass from breakage due to rapid contraction of the structure. If properly sealed, wooden frames also do not warp or crack, making them last longer. Moreover, wood is entirely resistant to rust and smut, making it perfect for homes located in particularly humid regions.


As a homeowner, you should not underestimate the need for insulation in your home. Properly insulated homes do not generate exorbitant energy bills and are eco-friendly since the heat or cold air remains contained within the walls. Wood, being one of the worst conductors of both heat and electricity, acts as the perfect insulator for your house when installed in windows and doors. Moreover, wooden doors and windows provide optimum noise insulation, especially when wooden windows are equipped with acoustic or double-paned glass.


Some homeowners wrongly believe that wooden window and door frames are challenging to maintain because they facilitate mould or pest growth. However, when wooden frames are made of high-quality timber and are sealed with adequate sealants, maintenance is never a problem. All that wooden doors and windows need is regular dusting and occasional cleaning with soap and warm water. Even with such slight maintenance, wooden frames do not develop cracks or need to be resealed repeatedly.

Aesthetic Beauty

Timber is a timelessly beautiful material. Wooden doors and windows add a unique aesthetic appeal to your living space. They are timeless and classy, fitting in well with almost all architectural styles. Additionally, timber is one of the most customisable construction materials. Since wood is available in various finishes and shades, you can choose different accents when designing your home. You can also have your wooden doors and windows carved with intricate designs or unique inscriptions to personalise them further.

Wood is extremely friendly to paints of various finishes, textures, and styles. This feature allows you to customise windows and doors according to the colour palette of the rest of your house. You can even have various polishes (Matte, shiny, or silky) on top of the regular paint to enhance the texture in different ways.


Building an ecologically sustainable home is a priority for most homeowners. This objective is difficult to fulfil with frames constructed out of synthetic materials. Wood is 100% biodegradable and, therefore, the perfect choice for the eco-conscious. Even if you choose a coating or a paint for your wooden doors and windows, you have the option of low VOC water-based coatings that fit incredibly well on wood.

Easily Reparable

Some synthetic and even natural windows and door frames need to be wholly uprooted even for minor fixes. Such is not the case with wood. Even in case of complex damage, technicians can repair wooden windows without removing window panes. Most damages and cracks can be filled with adhesives and sealants. Some minor damages and stains can even be covered with paints or polishes. Scratches rarely develop on wood, but if they do, they can be fixed with some finish or coating. 

At AIS GlasXperts, we understand the kind of multi-functionality you expect out of your wooden doors and windows. As a result, we have designed several wooden window and door frame solutions for you. Our European-quality, highly engineered wooden windows, and doors are made using Accoya, the best-quality wood in the world. On all our products, we promise you a warranty for five years and on our timber, a guarantee of 50. We also pledge that our products do not bend, warp, or swell under normal circumstances. Moreover, we customise your window and door frames as required and offer numerous style choices from a carefully designed product catalogue. Our Accoya wood is 100% FSC / PEFC certified, and our products comply with international standards of manufacturing and design.

We promise weather resistance, durability, and noise and heat insulation from our window and door frames. We always use low VOC water-based coatings on all our products. Our experts will offer the best consultation for home décor to you and assist you in every step, from product shopping and shortlisting to installation. Contact us today to get your home affixed with breathtakingly gorgeous timber window and doors frames, glasses, claddings, and another décor.

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