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Benefits of Glass Staircase in Home

Posted Date: Apr 02, 2020

Benefits of Glass Staircase

Owing to the versatility of glass, the material is ideal for a host of applications and caters well to the design preferences of those who love minimalism and sophistication. Everything about glass exudes elegance, delicacy, and class. And its usage is not limited to doors and windows; modern-day glass solutions have made it possible to develop glass staircases!

Let us find out how this has become a possibility. 

Glass Staircases: Perfect Marriage of Form and Function

Glass staircase creates a smooth blend of aesthetics and functionality. Here’s how -

Safe and Secure

Most people still associate glass with fragility. Though it is true that originally, glass was a delicate material best suited as an adornment, modern-day glass solutions are that and so much more.

A glass staircase is usually made from safety glass – toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass. Each of these glasses is highly strong and impact-resistant – almost five to six times stronger than ordinary glass. The former is manufactured using heat or chemical tempering whereas the latter is made when two sheets of glass are sandwiched together by a special PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) interlayer.

Moreover, if you are concerned that your glass staircase treads will be too slippery, you can opt for frosted toughened glass as it has a rough texture that offers better grip. 

Unmatched Aesthetic Appeal

The beauty of a glass staircase is such that can easily become an architectural focal point in any home. Glass staircases offer an easy-on-the-eyes feel and they prevent the interiors from appearing gaudy. The clear fluid visual appeal of glass creates the illusion of a larger and airier space and most importantly, glass staircase is available in a variety of styles, glass options, even tints that open a world of design possibilities.

A glass staircase is a perfect option for modernising your hallways – a one-of-its-kind structure that will have all eyes glued to it.


Not only do glass staircases offer a great visual appeal to the spaces they’re installed in, but they are also equally good in terms of maintenance – easy to clean and maintain. This is mainly due to the inherent nature of glass, which is moisture-friendly and resistant to corrosion and termites.

The quality of your glass staircase will not deteriorate over time, nor will it start looking dull and lifeless. All you need to do to keep your glass staircase looking good as new is to gently give it a wipe using a dust cloth (could be damp) from time to time. 


Homes with glass staircases look like they’re bright and cheery all the time, especially during the daytime. This is due to the reflective nature of glass. Glass illuminates a light in all directions, giving the appearance of a brighter space.

This feature of a glass staircase maximises the efforts your doors and windows play in creating floodlit interiors.

Moreover, to further enhance the aesthetic appeal during night time, you can have LED lights installed beneath the glass staircase and watch how the entire space turns into a magical land! 

Types of Glass Staircase

Besides the standard type, glass staircase is available in a number of other variants -

Spiral Glass Staircase

Considered more of a novelty glass staircase, the spiral style is the ideal option for tighter spaces. This type of glass staircase has a central post to which all the radiating steps are attached and the stairs move spirally upward from one floor to the other.

One important thing regarding the spiral glass staircase is that only one person can use it at a time since the inner portion of each step is quite narrow. 

L-Shaped Glass Staircase

Another common and attractive type of glass staircase is the L-shaped staircase wherein a flight of straight stairs usually takes a turn (shaping the letter L), either in the middle or close to either of the ends.

Such a glass staircase takes up less space and thus, can be installed in the corner of a room. These staircases also have a wider landing and hence, are easier to navigate.

U-Shaped Glass Staircase

This type of glass staircase is unique as they can only be found in pairs and are fit for larger homes – to be used in the living rooms connecting them to the rooms on the upper floor.

This glass staircase consists of a pair of them running opposite to each other and landing on a common landing spot (usually generous in size) at the end. The two staircases form the letter U after which the staircase style has been named.

Curved Glass Staircase

A unique design statement, curved glass staircases are great options near an entryway. Gently curved, these staircases are easy to traverse and help in making that perfect first impression. Curved glass staircases are highly elegant and sleek but they are one of the most complex staircase styles to build and as a result, are expensive.

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