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Beautify Your Homes with Back-Painted Glass

Beautify Homes with Back Painted Glass

Posted Date: Jul 15, 2020

Beautify Homes with Back Painted Glass

Back-painted glass is all the rage in the market today, marrying form and function in a congenial yet decorative knot. It offers plenty of advantages - from durability, heat resistance to design versatility and much more.

In fact, back-painted glass has been specially designed to arrest, attract, and captivate the eyes of the onlookers. And as an old Italian adage says – “what worth has beauty if it is not seen?”

Learn more about back-painted glass in this guide.

What is a Back-Painted Glass?

Back-painted glass is any type of clear or textured glass which is painted on the backside, or “first surface” side. Such that, it has a coloured opaque or translucent appearance. Besides, any shade of colour can be coated on the surface of the back-painted glass to achieve a colourfast finish.

Get Back-Painted Glass Designs Your Home Deserves

The panels of back-painted glass can add unique, contemporary elements to your home and elevate its visual appeal manifold. Go for bold hues, dramatic patterns, or animated graphics, any design is possible with back-painted glass. Best of all, it provides a natural sheen and gloss, offering a sleek, polished finish that most homeowners aspire for.

Don’t know where to start? Check out the following ways in which, you can easily use back-painted glass to enhance your home décor.

Backsplashes in Kitchen

Take your kitchen décor to the next level. Get back-painted glass backsplashes for your kitchen instead of relying on conventional tiles. You can easily add colour to a compact space and at the same time, reap the same benefits as conventional tiles. Besides, any spills on its surface can be wiped away without difficulty, so maintenance is easy.

Balcony – remove this and write about the lift lobby.

In modern décor, glass balconies have been a major trend. They often become the focal point of your home’s façade. Create a unique look by using back-painted glass for your balconies and rock a sleek, modern, yet colourful look. Moreover, because back-painted glass is UV resistant, it does not fade over time.

 Wall Panels

 Decorative wall panels are a perfect way to introduce colour into your home. In a contemporary and chic manner, you can rock unique designs and add character to your living space. By using back-painted glass wall panels, you can captivate light, texture, and colour to transform your home to seem larger than it is. 

Shower Cubicles

Ditch conventional cubicles for back stained glass cubicles. Add a splash of colour to an otherwise dull, dingy space. They can easily resist moisture, heat, and dirt, requiring minimal upkeep and cleaning. Moreover, back-painted glass cubicles will look stunning, giving an edgier look to your bathroom space.


Make a killer first impression by using back-painted glass panels on your foyer walls. You can create an elegant yet stunning entryway for your guests. The natural light bouncing off the glass can create a sense of enlargement, with just the right amount of drama. Truly, a perfect welcome for your guests! 

More Than Just Decorative Glass 

Back-painted glass is primarily used as a design element in interior design. However, it is more than just decorative glass. Back-painted glass is highly durable, maintenance-free, heat resistance, and more. Simply put – back-painted glass is a perfect blend of form and function. 

The key features of back-painted glass include –


Back-painted glass does not fade over time. In fact, it does not collect any germs or stains, which is why it is a formidable design element in modern architecture. Besides, it receives multiple coatings of paints that are oven-cured using superior manufacturing process, so it is structurally very strong.

Heat and Moisture Resistance

Forget the “fading” woes, back-painted glass can withstand both heat and moisture efficiently. In truth, it can easily withstand a temperature of up to 80 degree Celsius. Even after years of use, it retains the shine and colour like before.


Back-painted glass is a non-porous material – a material that does not allow air or water to pass through – which is why it cannot trap bacteria or germs. Because of this, no mould can grow on the surface of the back-painted glass, making it a perfect choice for keeping your home hygienic and healthy.

Easy Maintenance

Because it is highly durable, back-painted glass requires minimal upkeep. It can easily endure heat and moisture without chipping, distorting, or fading. You can easily wipe away any dirt or grime that settles on its surface with a cloth and soapy water.

Rest assured, back-painted glass offers more than just decoration. You get premium aesthetics with premium functionality.

Over to You

Given the impressive functionality of back-painted glass, no wonder it is one of the most coveted design elements today – a perfect, colourful addition to your home décor. Rock glossy, colourful cabinets, foyers, or wall panels, the design choices are endless.

Let AIS Glasxperts adorn your home with stylish back-painted glass! Get premium quality and high-end functionality in a wide range of shades, from electric, sombre, poised to flamboyant and more. Jazz up your space with our innovative designs and cutting-edge solutions.

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