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Most Popular Bathroom Door Trends for 2020

Most Popular Bathroom Door Trends

Posted Date: May 24, 2020

Advantages of Installing Bathroom Glass Door

Nothing can compare to the luxury and comfort of a well-designed bathroom. The most intimate space in a home, next only to the bedroom, your bathrooms must incorporate the design elements for all your moods. And much for the safety concern, it should also incorporate the right fittings and fixtures to avoid slippage and accidents.

Then again, is it possible to find both stylish and safety standards rolled into one commodity? Why, yes!

A bathroom glass door is an ideal choice. Glass, being a versatile material, can be processed to meet safety parameters without compromising on the style element. It is apt for all modern sensibilities and spaces that call for sleeker and elegant interior design. You might just be able to enhance the utility and aesthetic appeal by a huge margin. And for the cherry on the cake, a bathroom sliding glass door is now available for you to take on the trend.

Here are the most popular bathroom door trends in 2020 that you should be opting for.

Glass Grandeur with French Doors

When you think of remodelling your home, bathroom interiors are often neglected. However, it can be changed easily. A French-styled glass door is just what you need. With the use of French-styled bathroom glass door, you can upgrade your bathroom interiors such that it transforms from a mundane space to a luxurious and lush one. These doors are a highly versatile option if you want a modern, rustic, or even an industrial layout in your bathroom.

The sleek framed edges of the French glass door give it a unique yet exquisite appeal. Such bathroom glass doors also allow the right amount of light to enter the shower enclosure for a brighter interior space. With these French doors, you will be able to enhance the utility and elegance of your bathroom space, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

Ditching the Humdrum                                                                         

Gone are the days when bathroom glass doors were available in standard glass options with no variations in designs or support for functionalities. Modern-day bathroom glass doors are offered in a plethora of style and colour variants for personalised aesthetic choices, and in 2020, they’re only getting better. And what’s more, they even fulfil a host of utility needs such as those of privacy, safety, optimal daylight management, and ventilation. Glass types such as frosted, patterned, tempered or laminated are some great options that can be used for a bathroom glass door. These glass doors are also excellent aesthetic choices for those looking to add a modern touch to their bathroom interiors.

Not only will they brighten up the bathroom space, but they will also provide you with appropriate privacy solutions. For smaller bathroom spaces, a door made of processed glass can work wonders in providing a sense of enlargement. Moreover, these glasses are designed to instil openness for better ventilation. They are also highly durable and sturdy with enhanced impact-resistance qualities.

Sliding Glass Doors for a Premium Space

If you are dealing with a lack of space in your bathroom, you might want to switch to a bathroom sliding glass door. Since this door does not open up into the room, it is a highly convenient and space-efficient option. Whatever configuration you might have in mind, a bathroom sliding glass door can be customised to suit it. It is a highly versatile option for maximising lighting and space functionalities.

Moreover, you can customise the door using either a clear tempered or frosted type of glass depending on your privacy requirements. The glasses used to make the doors can also be patterned for an extra style element. The sliding action of a bathroom sliding glass door is also very smooth for ease in operation. For a stylish yet elegant aesthetic appeal, you should opt for these sliding glass doors in your bathroom.

Frameless and Fabulous: A Must Addition

Of the bathroom glass door currently in trend, frameless glass doors and sliding glass doors take the top spot. These glass doors are usually thicker in size for a sturdier built and come in a diversity of style options.  You can either go for hinged and handled door style or a sliding operational style door. In both the cases, two things are guaranteed - effortless aesthetic appeal and advanced functionality.

With frameless bathroom glass door, you can create brighter interiors as natural light will flood in. Apart from this, there is an added advantage of natural airflow that will provide you with a better ventilation layout. The spatial configuration will also be made to look rather expansive with the glass working its magic of optical illusion. All in all, frameless glass doors, once installed in your bathroom will alleviate the functionality and layout of the space to an ultra-modern one.

Are you looking for some exciting designs for your bathroom interiors? AIS Glasxperts can help!

We offer 360-degree glass solutions in customised guidance from inspection to selection, installation, even post-installation services. We understand the importance of high-end functionality and appealing aesthetics that are needed for your structural designs. That is why we specialise in innovative concepts and leading-edge solutions in “living glass”. Our range of eco-sensitive, trendy, and world-class quality glass products and services are the most suitable for a modern interior layout.

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