Bathroom Glass Door: Pros for Your Bathroom Remodel
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Bathroom Glass Door: Pros for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Shower Doors Buyer’s Guide

Posted Date: Jun 03, 2020

Advantages of Installing Bathroom Glass Door

We can all unanimously agree that no other space in the home is more personal than the bathroom. Rightfully termed as the “haven,” it is the bathroom wherein one immerses themselves in deep contemplation, washes away the worries of a stressful day, and comes out feeling refreshed and relaxed.

A huge part of having a bathroom that indeed feels safe and cosy in its design and degree of personalisation; safety is all about incorporating a sense of familiarity. And though most homeowners are enthused regarding the type of bathtub, counters, even flush valves that need to go into space, they often choose a pretty basic door and window design for their bathrooms.

This ought not to be! Fenestration plays a huge role in setting the tone of a space, and in this guide, we will inform you how a bathroom glass door can transform your bathroom in a jiffy!

Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning a bathroom is a cumbersome task. After all, it is one space wherein every component – floors, walls, doors, and windows, partitions, counters, fixtures, even the air – carries microbes that can lead to hygiene issues. Therefore, it becomes highly important to ensure upkeep.

However, you can lessen your cleaning burden to a certain degree by installing a bathroom glass door. This is because of the inherent nature of glass, which is resistant to moisture, corrosion, pests, mould, dirt, etc. – practically maintenance-free. Just a simple wipe, with a clean cloth, dipped in a cleaning agent, from time to time will not just keep the aesthetics intact, but even the utility factor of the element.

A bathroom glass door can either be completely frameless or may have a little bit of metal framing – usually made of aluminium. Frameless bathroom glass doors are 100% mould-resistant, as there are no grooves or hardware around them. However, framing materials such as uPVC and aluminium are also ideal choices as they remain unaffected by the elements.

Myriad of Customisation Options

When it comes to choosing a bathroom glass door, you have no reason to worry about your bathroom looking bland. This is because a wide range of customisation options are available for a bathroom glass door, be it in terms of colour options, texture options, style, size, etc. You can have your glass door, exclusively designed to match your vision for your bathroom. 

Illusion of a Larger Space

This one is for cramped and small bathrooms; however, the trick can be applied for any bathroom. By opting for bathroom glass doors, you can effectively make your bathroom appear larger than it really is. This is due to the optical illusion effect of glass. Moreover, to take space-maximisation to the next level, you can have a sliding bathroom glass door installed. Firstly, sliding doors allow more surface area for glass and can even cover entire walls, making the illusory effect more believable and secondly, for jam-packed bathrooms, pocket sliding glass doors that disappear into the wall can easily solve the space problem.  

Unparalleled Durability and Safety

It is high time that the world changes its view regarding glass, especially about its fragility. Though glass still retains the appearance of being delicate and fluid, think again since looks are often deceptive! Innovative glass technologies have made it possible to produce extremely strong and durable glasses such as toughened glass and laminated glass. These glasses are not just four to five times stronger than normal annealed glass but they do not even injure upon breakage. So, if you’re holding yourself back from installing a bathroom glass door due to safety concerns, you can do so without fear.

Superior Light Penetration

For some odd reason, bathrooms are notorious for being dimly-lit spaces. But, who would enjoy having a shower in a dark and uninspiring space? Regardless of personal preferences, bathrooms should be well-lit for practical reasons – you do not want to trip over an unseen object and fall face down! Though artificial lighting can be used, it is best to install a bathroom glass door that will allow you to enjoy ample natural light throughout the daytime. Not only is it good for your mood and general health, but will also lower energy bills.

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