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Balcony Glass Tips for Your Luxury Home

Posted Date: Jul 01, 2020

Advanced home security systems, smart technology, spa-quality bathrooms, in-house chef-like kitchen and a mini-bar, and architectural extras like walk-in closets, spectacular patios, and lavish gaming zones are what makes up a typical luxury home.  However, the balconies located on the upper storeys are often given the backseat in terms of aestheticism and functionality; more shocking is that some people do not even consider the balcony an element of the house, let alone an important one. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

To Balcony or Not to Balcony? That is Not the Question!

If you are also sitting on the fence regarding your luxury home construction, just take the plunge! Be it a brand new home or revamping of an existing luxury mansion, balconies should be given precedence – carefully consider its décor and utility while choosing construction materials, colours, furniture pieces, and tapestry, etc. The value of a balcony only falls when one perceives it as just another sitting area, thinking in terms of its length and breadth. However, this space is no less significant than the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Why? Because time spent gazing into the eternal beauty of the exterior world is as effective in reviving the spirits as a hearty meal, a good night's sleep, or a relaxing bath.

Plus, a well-planned and designed balcony can provide several other benefits; you can have a mini reading corner, grow your own mini herb garden, use it as an alfresco dining or lounging area, install a swing bench with some throw-pillows for that stress-free afternoon nap, give it a vacation vibe with a hammock, among others. 

Using Glass for Luxury Balconies: The Why and the How

The focal point of most luxury home balconies is the gorgeous outdoor views. Does the bedroom balcony of your standalone villa open up to magnificent snow-clad mountain ranges, or maybe you get to open your eyes every morning to the majestic beauty of ocean waves, or your luxury home balcony offers a one-of-a-kind view of the city's skyline. To enjoy the best of these myriads of views, glass is your single-stop-solution owing to its intrinsic transparent nature and advanced technological advancements that take care of other needs.

Given below are a few tips to help you decide the balcony glass for your luxury home.

Tip #1 Breathtaking View, All Day Every Day

As mentioned earlier, perhaps like the others, outstanding and soul-calming outdoor views were the prime reason for you to purchase your luxury home in the area that you did. As such, installing balcony glass will ensure that you get to revel in its glory all day, every day. It will allow you to have unobstructed visibility – what could be better than sipping morning coffee or digging into evening snacks on the lap of nature! However, ensure that the glass balustrades have a good height, especially if there are kids involved, or you can even have an all-enclosed balcony glass area. 

Tip #2 Safety Must Always Come First

As much as you do not want anything detracting from the view of those gorgeous hills or the splendid cityscape, a safety barrier that protects adults and kids alike is a must. Now, to enjoy the best of both worlds – unobstructed view and guaranteed safety – standard balcony glass is no match. Instead, you must opt for the highly impact-resistant and durable, toughened or tempered glass. Thermal or chemical-treated to be 5 to 6 times stronger than annealed glass, toughened glass also causes no injuries on the rare occasion of breakage; the glass pieces being cube-like and blunt. Moreover, this member of the glass family can withstand a good amount of wind load and is resistant to dust, corrosion, moisture, and mould – offering the ultimate degree of safety. 

Tip #3 Let There be Light, but Not Too Much of It

To be woken up by gentle beams of sunlight illuminating the entire room is a refreshing start to a day; however, by and by, the rays become harsher and harsher – the glare and heat become harmful for health. If you're too used to sipping your morning coffee in the luxury of your balcony, it's time to switch to heat-reflective balcony glass, which will allow light to enter but not unwanted heat and glare. 

Tip #4 You Can Never have Too Much of Privacy!

Perhaps your luxury home location is entirely free from curious eyes; however, there can be occasions when you just don't want to take the chance – think lounging or dining out with friends and family or your sacred time alone for hobbies. Well, with a unique kind of balcony glass – smart or switchable glass – you can enjoy privacy on-demand, resting at the very tip of your fingers. Using a remote control, you can adjust the opacity levels of the glass – transparent, opaque, and everything in between. However, for this to happen, you must opt for a glass-enclosed balcony. And what's more is that smart glass keeps harmful UV rays and heat at bay, allowing only natural light to enter. Hence, having enclosed smart balcony glass installed is a win-win situation for you and your planters, tapestry, and furniture that get to stay safe from non-typical weather elements.

Looking for premium balcony glass solutions for your luxury villa? Look no further than AIS Glasxperts! As a Strategic Business Unit of India's largest integrated glass manufacturer – Asahi India Glass Limited – we offer a host of glass solutions for your varied needs, be it for privacy, safety, thermal comfort, or acoustic insulation. Design the balcony of your dreams - avail our 360-degree support today!

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