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Balcony Glass Design Tips for Your Luxury Home

Posted Date: May 15, 2020

Balcony Glass Design Tips for your Luxury Home

Ever since Romeo courted Juliet by climbing up her balcony, its importance has changed profoundly. Perhaps the most romanticised part of a home now, a balcony, is an amenity built for your relaxation and comfort. It is not just an extension of space; it offers proper ventilation and lighting as well. But, these qualities of balconies are often overlooked.

Even though balcony glass serves the aesthetic purpose well, it is needed to clear out the indoor air. Without balconies, you won’t be able to maintain regular ventilation or receive adequate daylight. A balcony is also the perfect space for unwinding stress. After a long and tiring day, you can use the balcony for sitting and relaxing, maybe sip a cup of tea or coffee and rejuvenate your energy. A luxury home without an equally luxurious balcony just won’t do, for it is simply the best space to connect with the outside world.

Here are some tips for balcony glass designs that can help you beautify your luxury home.

A feast for Your Senses

Two essentials for a balcony are - the view and the décor. The true luxury of a balcony can only be enjoyed when you have a scenic or calming view in front. Make sure your balcony glass is installed facing beautiful and scenic views. Since nobody likes a cluttered view from their balcony, try designing a balcony that faces the best side of your home.

Once you’ve decided on the view, you must get on with the décor options. Furnish your balcony with a swing or a bean bag, maybe a planting box for some greenery. Another good choice for décor is placing a small set of the coffee table and accompanying chairs. So, when it is beverage time, you can sip the goodness of freshly-brewed coffee while you take in the picturesque exteriors and cool breeze.

In the Right Direction

Since balconies are a great source to let some light in, it is best to design them in the direction where you can receive sunlight without overheating the interiors. If your balcony glass receives natural daylight all through the morning and afternoon, it might be excessive. And not even curtains or shutters may be able to avert the heat completely.

Solar glare can also be harmful to your furniture. Since you will probably have your furniture set in or near the balcony, you might want to carefully consider the direction your balcony should be facing. Or else you could risk ending up with faded furniture. Taking the direction into account is, therefore, very important.

Type of Glass

Good safety provisions are a mandate for balcony designs. With balcony glass, you can get this safety by utilising processed glass. Unlike standard glass, processed glass is toughened to provide optimum impact-resistance and strength. Toughened glass or laminated glass is ideal as balcony glass when safety is a priority. Apart from this, you must choose the right thickness and size of a single pane to be utilised in the balcony design. In this manner, you will be able to meet both aesthetic and safety demands easily.

Safety Parameters

While designing your balcony glass, ensure that all the safety parameters are being taken care of. It should be designed by ensuring the safety standards for all age groups. Also, a balcony must be able to withstand all weather conditions. Especially during monsoons, the floor of the balcony must not be slippery, or it could lead to injuries. Therefore, flooring options must be chosen while keeping this into account.

Another significant safety parameter is the height and width of the balcony glass railing. They must be designed according to the parapet. The height requirements of both the parapet and guardrails should be the same to provide adequate protection.

Shape Them Well

Balconies are quite versatile extensions to your luxury homes. You can design an L-shaped balcony to receive the right amount of sunlight, or you could go for a box-shaped balcony to match the façade. Another popular variation is using balcony glass with a curved or squared balcony depending purely on your architectural goals.

A trendier option would be a half-in or half-out design wherein half the balcony space will be inside your home. Or else, you can opt for balconies assorted with bay windows that give the illusion of continuity for unity in design. Such innovative balcony shapes can be used to reap optimum lighting and ventilation benefits, along with an attractive structural style. Getting the right shape of the balcony will make all the difference.

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