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Aluminium Frames and Glass: The Perfect Match

Posted Date: Sep 19, 2020


Extensive windows are fundamental to modern-day living. They ensure healthy enviornment through proper ventilation and optimal daylight And, to furnish exquisite yet practical results, the choice of glass and frame is critical. What is a window if not the perfect romance between a hard, opaque material seamlessly lacing a transparent surface?

It is hard to ignore aluminium frame windows when talking of a perfect culmination between opacity and transparency. Presently there exist a host of colours, finishes, and designs for aluminium glass windows that can end up being the ideal match for your home or office.

Understanding Aluminium Window Types

If you are on the fence trying to figure out which aluminium frame window is for you, check out this list of designs to get your creative juices flowing.

Aluminium Casements

Also called Sash or Project windows, casements made with aluminium are incredibly sturdy and secure. There is not an ounce of doubt that aluminium frames lend a chic and contemporary look to windows. Since aluminium frames can be thinned out to a large extent, you get more glass and less obstructive vision. Enjoying panoramic vistas becomes more comfortable with aluminium casements.

You can choose from a variety of top-hung or side-hung aluminium casement windows. Top-hung casement sashes generally swing open outwards, whereas side-hung casements open sideward. The genius of aluminium casements is that they offer control over rain and ventilation to an exacting degree. Additionally, aluminium framing on these structures does not erode even under extreme weather conditions and maintains its finish for years on end.

Aluminium Stacking Windows

Why get a standard glass door in your opaque wall when the entire wall can be one giant and solid glass door? This is not all talk! You can achieve this with aluminium stacking windows. Why aluminium? These windows are colossal and need undulating strength – the kind only aluminium framing can provide. Stacking windows are generally a great idea for connecting your backyard, porch, or balcony to your home.

Also called folding-sliding windows, the structure of aluminium stacking windows, when big enough, offers the benefits of both a door and a window. You can choose anywhere between 3 to 10 aluminium frames as part of the stacking window system, depending on how big an opening you wish to cover. Club these stunning frames with whichever glazing functionality you need – insulation, security, energy efficiency, etc.

Fixed Windows 

Want to brighten up a dull stairwell passage? Nothing better than aluminium frame-supported fixed windows. These structures are inoperable, and you can consider them in place of putting a brick and cement wall. If you are planning to get an exposed brick wall for enhancing decor, try aluminium fixed windows instead as that will suddenly open up the entire space.

Also, try fixed windows in bold-coloured aluminium frames along with dividing lines running through the glass panes. You can also use these structures as indoor dividers. Why erect an opaque wall between your dining and drawing or kitchen and dining area when you can install stunning aluminium fixed glass windows!

Aluminium Skylights 

It is common to channel natural light through the front of your home with windows. But what about the roof? Aluminium frame skylights can open up your roof just a little bit, so all that pristine daylight seeps into your dwellings from the top. The concept of opening up the roof for light is not a new one, but making them readily available and easily installable is relatively recent.

You can choose either fixed or operable aluminium-framed skylights. These structures can open up your roof only slightly, and let some fresh air gush inside.

These roof windows do not compromise on privacy and are completely safe with the right glazing option. Choose double or triple pane laminated glass for extra security if required. Aluminium frames are rigid, but reinforcing them with equally strong glazing will keep your household sufficiently secure.

The Bottom Line

Now you know of some of the top aluminium frames, when combined with glass, can offer spectacular aesthetics, functional performance, and safety to your dwellings. Often homeowners wonder if aluminium frames get rusty after prolonged usage. This is a myth! With modern advancements in fenestration technology, aluminium frames come flawlessly powder-coated and remain entirely rust-free for years on end.

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