Types of Wooden Glass Doors to Beautify your Home
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Adding Finesse to Your Home with Wooden Glass Doors

Posted Date: Mar 07, 2020

When you begin to visualize the interiors of your house, you will discover that the size and design of doors make a significant contribution to its décor. There are several types of doors to pick from and you will be spoilt for choice. Choosing the right kind of door should depend on the ultimate combination of functionality and aesthetics. Wooden glass doors are a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of home interiors along with seamless functionality. Be it wooden glass French doors for your home’s main entrance or glass doors for a precious bookshelf, you will surely find an option that matches your design sensibilities.

There are several benefits of wooden glass doors apart from the fact that they transform any space into a sheer work of art. They improve thermal comfort and safety. Wooden glass doors also provide a bigger sense of space, especially if you are short on square footage, especially the case in metropolises today. Both these materials are 100% recyclable and are soon becoming the gold standard for exquisite design fittings and furnishings. Shopping for wooden glass doors can be a gruelling process if you have no idea about the design and types they are offered. Here is a list of the most popular styles of wooden glass doors that can add finesse to your home’s décor.

Sliding Wooden Glass French Doors

These doors open spaces without taking up any additional space. Choose the right type of glass that prioritizes your need for either insulation, noise reduction or energy-efficiency and get it laced with a simple sliding wooden frame. Sliding wooden glass doors display more sophistication and sheer class as opposed to aluminium sliding doors. These doors also allow copious amounts of natural light to shower into your home due to a bigger surface area provided by glass. These doors offer year-round panoramic views of your garden landscape and the outdoors.

Transom Window Wooden Doors

If you are not a fan of full-length French doors but do want the glass to be a part of your door’s décor, fret not. You can get a wooden door installed with a transom window. A transom window is a rectangular glass window placed directly above the wooden door. These transom windows attached to wooden doors can be pushed open for ventilation without compromising privacy. Doors attached with transom windows can also be installed with French doors. Interior transom window wooden doors are mostly installed for ornamental purposes.

Arched Wooden Glass Doors

Indulge the regalist in you and get arched wooden glass doors installed. These doors give a touch of royalty to your interiors. Arched wooden glass doors hold customized glass panes cut to size and fitted inside an arched wooden frame. Arched French doors look outstanding, but wooden doors with arched transom windows are also a fantastic idea if you do not wish to install a full French door. Get an arched wooden glass door installed on the main entrance of your home and witness guests gushing over its beauty.

Frosted Wooden Glass Doors

Want your doors to display your chic personality? Choose from a wide range of etched or frosted glass designs beautifully fitted inside a simple wooden frame. Frosted wood and glass doors come in an assortment of colours  and textures. They provide complete privacy but allow oodles of natural light to beam up your interiors. Frosted glass is manufactured by sandblasting or acid etching a clear sheet of glass, which renders it translucent.

Hollowed Out Wooden Glass Doors

These doors allow you to customize the wood-to-glass ratio better. Hollowed-out doors have a portion scooped out of them that leaves space to fit glass pane(s) inside. You can choose from a wide variety of carvings that can be hollowed out of a wooden plank and filled using frosted glass or clear glass to make a door. These doors are very secure and they also provide a lot of privacy along with a decent amount of natural light.

Oversized or Double Wooden Glass Doors

If you have a particularly wide entrance, then you can opt for oversized or double-sized wooden glass doors. Instead of using clear glass, you can also use smart glass for the big panes. The smart glass allows for both partial transparency and opacity. Under ordinary circumstances, smart glass stays opaque and provides complete privacy. However, when there is an occasion or a party at home, you can make this glass translucent with a flick of the switch. Install smart glass with an intricate wooden frame for multifarious purposes.

The Bottom Line

Love the idea of wooden glass doors but are confused about which one to finalise? Turn to AIS Glasxperts for all your wooden glass door needs. We offer a complete spectrum of services, from selection to seamless installation. Allow our team of professionals to help you pick out the right type of glass wooden doors. Choose from a wide variety of glass options like SwytchGlas, tempered glass, Ecosense, frosted glass, etc. Log onto our website to know more.

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