How uPVC Glass Door Designs Add Value to Your Homes Decor
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Add Value to Your Homes with the Latest uPVC Glass Door Designs

uPVC Glass Door Designs

Posted Date: Sep 11, 2020

Latest uPVC Glass Door Designs


Knocks thrice knocks four times

Or maybe a total of five times

But as wise old men often say

On the door, the opportunity

Never knocks twice

Thankfully, that’s not the case when it comes to home designing where the opportunity to stylise knocks twice and more. Whether it's your new home or you're looking to revamp an existing one, you can take the aesthetic appeal and functionality to the next level only by making a few adjustments, the most important of them being doors! After all, these indoor-outdoor linking structures are some of the most essential elements of any residential space.

To do so, no other material beats the charm of uPVC. Here are some of the most ‘interesting’ uPVC glass door designs to take inspiration from.

 Folding Door Design

 Few door designs are as regal as uPVC folding doors. Usually bigger in size, they come equipped with thin frames and can be used as room dividers. They fill your interiors with ample daylight and air. You can open your space and give it a sense of enlargement by using uPVC folding doors.

uPVC folding glass doors offer a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor living. Providing a sleek and polished look, they are stylish door solutions for larger spaces.

Sliding Door Design

 Get a sleek, chic look with uPVC sliding glass doors. known for space-efficiency, they are perfect for optimising small spaces. Use them to frame the outside views. They are also easy to operate.

uPVC sliding glass doors are highly suitable for creating a smooth indoor-outdoor connection. Besides, the door can completely disappear inside the walls with a proper framing mechanism.

 French Door Design

 Lately, French doors with black-hued frames are immensely popular. Rock a bold black frame or a classic white frame against light-coloured walls, for a dramatic effect. uPVC French glass door designs work exceptionally well with minimalist, industrial, and contemporary décor styles.

uPVC French glass doors create a refined, unforgettable look, letting in ample light and air for brighter, comfortable indoors.

 Bi-Fold Door Design

 Add a bold, dramatic touch to your homes with uPVC bi-fold glass doors. Aesthetically pleasing, they offer flexibility in operation and style. Choose frames of any colour you like. Style-wise, uPVC bi-fold glass doors are quite diverse.

You can open them from left or right, inwards or outwards based on your preference. They are perfect for balancing indoor-outdoor living. Get maximum daylight, proper ventilation, and what not.

 Floor-to-Ceiling Design

 Want a minimalistic design? Go for a uPVC floor-to-ceiling door design – a simple yet striking design. Besides, you can choose from a variety of frames. Get beige, brown-coloured uPVC frames for a simple, elegant look. The design possibilities are endless.

You can combine them with frosted, etched, stained, or patterned glass to create an eye-catching look. Best of all, you can capture outside views and incorporate them with the overall décor.

 Stacking Door Design

 Much like a sliding door, a stacking door is different in the sense that it has more moving panels. Each panel interlocks with the other, causing the sliding operation. Go for a uPVC stacking glass door design if you have a big space opening in your home.

You can easily maximise space usage. uPVC stacking glass door design creates an invisible divide, offering seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity.  Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of colours to create a spectacular look.

 Pivot Door Design

 Use uPVC pivot glass doors to make a bold, dramatic statement. Unlike a conventional door, a pivot door is supported by a pivot at the top and bottom of the door. It offers a smooth, hassle-free operation. Highly convenient, it does not require ample clearance space.

Most importantly, uPVC pivot glass doors are great aesthetic additions to your home – a definite focal point, a head-turner.

But the question remains – why choose uPVC of all the available profiles?

uPVC Glass Doors are Superior, Here’s Why

Like uPVC windows, uPVC doors are also highly functional, offering superior insulation, durability, weather-resistance, maintenance, among others.

Naturally Sturdy, Strong

uPVC profiles are naturally strong since no additional chemical is used to soften them. No matter the weather conditions, they show no sign of wear-and-tear. In fact, uPVC profiles are so durable, they last for up to fifty years and more.

Premium Functionality

Be it energy-efficiency, acoustic insulation, ventilation, or security, uPVC windows and doors reign superior. uPVC exceeds expectations, offering premium functionality with minimal upkeep. Get ample daylight, smooth airflow, unobstructed views, and weather resilience with uPVC doors only.

Unmatched Visual Appeal

uPVC doors and uPVC windows have a wood-like texture, offering a highly elegant look. Get a refined, polished finish in a variety of colours. uPVC profiles can be powder-coated in any shade you like. You can choose from a vast variety of design styles.

Your Turn

For modern décor, few doors are as perfect as uPVC glass doors – an effortless combination of form and function. A highly durable, low-maintenance, affordable, and stylish choice, uPVC glass doors are a must in every urban home.

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