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Add a touch of privacy and comfort to your hospital interiors

When you say ‘hospital’ an image of a white painted interior, with rooms on either side, bustling people, and hushed voices come to mind. Patients in hospitals require sufficient comfort and privacy to aid in their recuperation. A secure environment where a patient’s privacy is preserved at all times is the mark of a good hospital. A hospital’s interior too influences the mind and senses of patients. An interior décor that combines aesthetics along with security aspects ensures a comfortable atmosphere that sets the patient’s mind at ease.

The wards, private rooms and operation theatres demand privacy and a noise-free environment. Doctors work on complex and critical medical issues that require an environment of complete peace to perform efficiently and accurately. An atmosphere that enables quality proficiency is of optimum significance.

glass facade hospital

Implementing innovative glass solutions can aid Hospitals to set and balance comfort, privacy and décor. Leading glass manufacturers in India produce comprehensive glass solutions that are ideal for maintaining a hospital’s secure and comfortable atmosphere.

Here’s why glass solutions are perfect to secure privacy and comfort in hospitals:

glass railing hospital


This is an intelligent glass solution that alternates from transparent to translucent at the instant touch of a button. This glass solution enables doctors, staff and patients to maintain privacy and thereby enhance comfort. A hospital is a place where intimate and personal details are shared and discussed. It is a place where doctors perform sensitive operations and where the staffs handle extremely private information. A need for space with a high level of privacy is essential and this is where the translucent glass solution establishes such an environment. Rooms aided with this intelligent glass maintain a complete secure space for patients, doctors and staff.

The advantages of this intelligent & innovative glass solution are:

  1. Instant privacy
  2. Remote and manual control over operating it
  3. Cost-effective


This unique type of glass consists of a view control film that restricts visibility into any room or space. This innovative glass solution changes from transparent to translucent when viewed from different angles. Filmed glass offers absolute privacy while adding to the décor and is ably suited for small rooms, cabins, private chambers and doctor’s offices.

The advantages of filmed glass are:

  1. Restricted visibility
  2. Suitable for privacy
  3. Aesthetically appealing
  4. Economical


Integrated blinds are just as the name suggests – blinds integrated with glass. An individual controls the integrated blinds through a remote thus enabling patients and doctors to preserve their privacy anytime they require it. This glass solution can be implemented for private cabins and doctors rooms for preserving privacy and comfort. Patients and doctors will never feel their privacy violated through this solution.

The advantages of integrated blind windows are:

  1. Zero maintenance hassle
  2. Dust and water-proof
  3. Available in Venetian, Roller and Pleated styles
  4. Control in individual’s hands

glass window hospital


Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride or UPVC frames are implemented for doors and windows. UPVC frames restrict dust, pollution, leakage, and noise from entering. uPVC doors and windows block off outdoor elements that disturb the peace within hospitals and enhances the environment of healing and recovery. It is easy to maintain UPVC doors and windows as they are dust and rust resistant. They are highly capable to withstand fluctuating weather conditions, and aggressive winds. Since it bars leakage, it stops water infiltration thus preserving the sterile environment of a hospital. Places in northern India face extreme temperatures and require a robust solution to keep doors and windows from facing issues. uPVC is an ideal solution for such places. There is an increasing demand for uPVC doors and windows in Gurgaon and other northern cities in India.

The advantages of UPVC doors and windows are:

  1. They are low on maintenance and are easy to clean
  2. Flexible to handle any weather and regulate temperatures
  3. Available in several sizes
  4. Cost-effective


Specialized wooden frames and wooden doors for hospitals aid in sound-proofing specific spaces. They are most suitable for private chambers, special units and operation theatres where complete silence is required. Wooden frames provide a stable base for glass windows and doors extending their longevity and functionality. Easy to maintain and environment-friendly, wooden doors reserve the quiet peacefulness of a hospital and support a healthy environment within a hospital.

The advantages of Wooden Doors are:

  1. Easy to maintain and clean
  2. Durable
  3. Aesthetically pleasing
  4. Economical

Glass solutions are being increasingly adopted by several hospitals across India. There has been a significant rise in implementation of smart glass in India, and uPVC doors and windows in cities like Gurgaon, Noida & Chandigarh. Hospitals are progressively awakening to the benefits of sound-proofing, high privacy standards, preservation of comfort and aesthetic appeal that glass solutions offer. A reliable glass service provider can help determine the best glass solutions for maintaining the comfort and privacy of hospitals.

Author Bio: Amit Chaudhary, 28 years old handles the Brand Glasxperts of Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS).  He is based out of Delhi and is also a fitness fanatic.

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