Here’s why you need energy efficient glass windows!
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All about Energy Efficient Glass Windows

Energy Efficient Glass Windows

Posted Date: Jun 02, 2021

Energy Efficient Glass Windows

With the Earth heading towards an energy crisis, most consumers today want to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle to minimise their carbon footprint. Often, the idea of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle can seem rather daunting, especially when you look at videos that showcase lifestyle downsizing, zero-waste homes, and more. But, did you know that there’s a straightforward way to minimize your carbon footprint (without making significant lifestyle changes)? All you need to do is get energy-efficient glass windows in your home.

What are energy-efficient glass windows?

What are Energy-Efficient Glass Windows?

Energy-efficient glass windows come with double or triple glazing (depending on the variant) instead of the single layer of glazing that most windows have. As a result, energy-efficient glass windows provide a certain level of heat insulation. This means that the glass will not transfer heat from outside the window into your home.

How can energy-efficient glass windows help reduce your carbon footprint?

Energy-Efficient Windows Reduce Carbon Footprint

As energy-efficient glass windows do not let in the same amount of heat that regular windows do, you do not have to consume high levels of power to keep your home cool. Not only does this help you reduce the amount of energy you consume, but it also helps you reduce your electricity bills.

Fortunately, you can install energy-efficient glass windows anywhere in your home or office space. Such glass panels are as versatile as regular glass - meaning you can get stunning window designs without worrying about whether you can use energy-efficient glass. This versatility makes it one of the best solutions to turn to if you’re looking to lead an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

What are the different types of energy-efficient glass windows you can get at Glasxperts?

Energy-efficient glass is available in multiple variants, and you can choose any based on your needs and the architecture of your home. Here are the main variants that you’ll find at AIS:

The EcoSense Range

This range brings you the best of both worlds - transparency and heat insulation. As a result, this energy-efficient glass is suitable for windows, skylights, facades, and glass lifts. EcoSense is available in natural shades, making it ideal for people who do not want to compromise on visibility.

Similarly, EcoSense Enhance controls the light transmission through the glass. While it allows most of the sunlight to pass through, it forces near-range infrared heat to reflect off the glass. Apart from using it for energy-efficient glass windows, You can also use EcoSense Enhance for spider glazing, partitions, facades, and skylights.

EcoSense Essence and EcoSense Edge both have a low E-coating, allowing these panels to significantly reduce thermal transmission. They also boast of solar control, which should help you reduce your electricity bills further.

AIS SunShield

AIS SunShield can be a good fit for commercial spaces and homes as they employ a high-tech heat reflective technology to offer you heat insulation and protection from UV rays. It is suitable for greenhouses, skylights, facades, and partitions.

AIS Opal

AIS Opal is a highly durable, energy-efficient glass that promises a long lifespan along with excellent value for money. It provides thermal insulation along with solar energy control.

AIS Opal Trendz

If you entertain many people at home and want to create a soothing ambiance irrespective of the weather outside, AIS Opal Trendz might be the best option. This energy-efficient glass offers advanced thermal control and is designed to ensure that your interiors are always comfortable. The coating on the glass is highly durable, making it ideal for people who do not frequently remodel their homes.


Finally, if you live in a city that experiences extreme temperatures, then you might find this energy-efficient glass to be the most suitable for your needs. It provides up to 40% protection from external heat, thus ensuring that your home is always a little bit cooler than the temperature outside. With this energy-efficient glass, you can truly make your home a haven.

How can you enhance the insulation of your energy-efficient glass?

By choosing the right type of frame for your energy-efficient glass windows, you can bump up the overall energy efficiency of the windows. UPvC windows are made of a material called unplasticized polycarbonate vinyl. This material enhances the heat insulation because the frames fit snugly with the energy-efficient glass. The frames also do not allow excess heat to pass through them, as they are good at blocking the heat out.

You can get UPvC frames for your energy-efficient glass windows rather quickly. At AIS, we offer a variety of durable and aesthetically pleasing options for you to choose from! Just have a look at our catalog, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect home or office space in no time!

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