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A Modern Home is a Functional Home

How Modern Homes are Functional?

Posted Date: Oct 08, 2018


It would be hard to pin point certain technologies that have rendered our modern homes functional. However, there is no dearth of modern designs, features, and gadgets that make life simpler; and these things are updated and upgraded with every model.

However, the question that needs to be asked is: what really defines a modern home? Is it about just the aesthetics? Well, no. The number one indicator of a modern home lies in its functionality – how design and architecture engender comfort in every aspect of life for the residents. Be it lighting, cooling, noise insulation, privacy or security, modern architecture and design brings many functionalities to the plate for home owners using, for example, something as simple as glass.

How Modern Homes are Functional?

21st-century innovations have brought us automated home systems (lights, air conditioning, showers, etc.) and artificial intelligence which are enabling homeowners to experience futuristic living like never before. Similarly, in the material sense, innovations in glass applications such as usage of uPVC doors and windows or smart glass have come together to create extremely purposeful living spaces. Let’s take a look.

A modern home is energy efficient

Green is the colour of the 21st century. With our climate and environment hanging on a balance, homeowners are displaying sentience towards creating more energy efficient living spaces. After all, charity begins at home, right? While sensor lights and automatic switchable devices are already making a big difference in conserving energy at homes, high-performance energy efficient glass windows and doors are playing a huge role as well. By installing new or retrofitting low E windows, homes can cut down on the heat received from the sun, and thus create cooler, comfortable spaces. This means less AC usage, less electricity consumption, and less carbon footprint. Of course, such glass applications in facades and windows also reduce glare and create optimal natural lighting conditions.

A modern home cuts down on external noise

Let’s admit it. Modern homes are increasingly becoming spaces where one not only rests, recreates and relaxes but also works. For all these functions, it is essential to provide a peaceful and productive environment free of any external disturbance such as noise. uPVC windows in India with acoustic glass can help you reduce external noise by up to 50-60%.

A modern home doesn’t compromise on privacy

If you are looking to modernize your home, then you surely cannot ignore the aspect of privacy. While the use of frosted glass to promote privacy in bathrooms is commonplace, modern home owners are also experimenting with cutting edge privacy glass solutions for bedrooms and study rooms such as AIS Swytchglas™ – a smart glass that can change its transparency with the switch of a button! This is what we call a modern home – innovative and smart!
So, there’s your blueprint for modernizing your home. Remember – functionality in design is the most effective way of ensuring your home remains future-proof for decades!

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