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A Complete Guide on Integrated Blinds Glass

Integrated Blinds Glass Guide

Posted Date: Jun 17, 2020

Guide on Integrated Blinds Glass

The single architectural material that comes off as the clear winner in terms of aesthetic appeal, privacy, security, acoustic and thermal insulation, is surprisingly glass. Surprisingly, because although glass’ intrinsic nature may be far from such properties, modern-day technology has made all the difference!

One such revolutionary development in glass making technology has been that of integrated blinds. Like the name may suggest, it has something to do along the lines of curtains and blinds – improving energy-efficiency and facilitating optimal daylight management. However, these marvels of the world of glass have so much more to offer that it would be sacrilege to be unaware of them.

This guide will help you know all that there is about integrated blinds glass.

What is an Integrated Blinds Glass?

Integrated blinds glass, also known as integrated blinds or integral blinds, is a combination of blinds that are affixed between two panes of a double-glazed glass unit. Small blinds matching with the glass’ width are integrated and sealed between the glass panes, hence the name integrated blinds glass. They’re widely used for solar protection in residential and commercial spaces, but also find their way into hospital rooms and even washrooms!

How Does an Integrated Blinds Glass Work?

An integrated blinds glass consists of two glass sheets, a set of blinds, and an operating mechanism. The blinds are sandwiched between the sheets – strategically placed within a tiny cavity. The sheets are then affixed parallel to each other, transforming all this into a double-glazed unit with integrated blinds.

The operating mechanism of an integrated blinds glass has levers on either side. One lifts the blinds entirely and the other moves them up or down – with respect to the height of the lever. Based on customisations, the levers can either be magnetic, mechanical, or just two cords attached to a pulley. Nevertheless, they perform the same functions. 

Application of Integrated Blinds

The versatility of integrated blinds glass makes them suitable for many use cases. Such blinds are ideal for residential spaces (windows and internal partitions), hotels, resorts and public transport (luxury coaches, airplanes, trains, cruises), even for malls, offices, healthcare facilities (patient rooms, examination rooms, OTs & ERs), schools and many more.  

Advantages of Integrated Blinds

As you might have guessed from the plethora of applications, integrated blinds glass has several benefits. Its avant-garde system assimilates the plus-points of glass, blinds and simple mechanics – for the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Discussed below are the benefits you get by installing integrated blinds in your residential space or workspace.

Protection from Sunlight

Because sunlight often travels through the double-glazed glass unit of a window or a door, the need for a fool-proof obstruction system arises. An Integrated blinds glass protects the residents from excessive heat and sunlight – effectively preventing harsh, unnecessary rays and cutting off air-conditioning and artificial lighting costs.

Low Maintenance

As integrated blinds remain secure within the double-glazing unit, they also remain virtually dust-free. Moreover, the intrinsic nature of glass is such that it is resistant to dirt, grime, moisture, etc. As a result, they require very little maintenance, if any. Your integrated blind glass will easily last you for years on end, unlike externally installed blinds or curtains that require heavy maintenance and frequent replacement. This is because they attract dirt, dust, and may even develop mould and mildew if moisture is allowed to sit for prolonged periods.

Variety of Customisations

There are countless ways in which integrated blinds can be customised both in terms of the glass unit used as well as the blinds. Their colour can be specifically designed to match the interiors of your space – making the glass unit look appealing without sacrificing its functionality. From venetian blinds to the pleated ones to the intricate honey-cell kind, with integrated blinds glass, you can design your space to reflect your personal tastes.


As compared to standard blinds, integrated blinds glass does not allow any room for bacteria and virus aerosols to rest & spread, therefore enhancing the hygiene factor of the space. This is especially useful for spaces where hygiene is paramount – hospitals and clinics. And given the current pandemic crisis, it only makes sense to have integrated blinds glass installed in all residential and commercial spaces. 

Why Choose AIS Glasxperts for your Integrated Blinds Glass

With aeons of experience in delivering superior glass and allied products & services, AIS Glasxperts is all-set to satisfy your needs – be it acoustics, energy-efficiency, privacy, security, or any other. We are a subsidiary of India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer – Asahi India Glass Limited – and as such, offer a plethora of innovative glass solutions.

From product selection to installation to after-sales support, you can expect a hassle-free 360-degree support from our end. So, what are you waiting for? Make your space brighter, more aesthetically appealing, more hygienic, and safer with integrated blinds glass! Get in touch with us.

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