9 Factors that show why you should pick Aluminium frame windows!

9 Reasons for Choosing Aluminium Doors and Windows!

Posted Date: Jun 10, 2021

The doors and windows are architectural components that are sometimes overlooked or underrated. Nonetheless, they may make or break the appearance and function of any given home. Doors and windows not only complete the aesthetic of any area. But they also provide a smooth connection between the beautiful outdoors and the cozy interiors. They are also the harbingers of natural sunlight and plenty of fresh air. 

There can be many materials like wood, steel, iron, and PVC that can be used for the construction of doors and windows, but there has been a recent change in the trend. Aluminium frame windows and doors have surpassed all other materials like wood and steel in the eyes of architects and interior designers alike. But, what is the source of this enormous popularity? And should you think about installing aluminium frame windows and doors in your home? Let us investigate.

Aluminium frame windows and doors have supreme strength!

Aluminium frame windows and doors have a high strength-to-weight ratio, which prevents them from denting even when mechanical force is applied purposefully. Despite such a high strength, aluminium is very lightweight. Aluminium frame windows and doors also have high tensile strength. Hence they provide the best seclusion, design personalization, and ergonomics. Aluminium frame windows and door designs are frequently used in business offices, educational institutions, and residential buildings. Their high adaptability makes their use possible in such a wide variety of avenues for frames and fixtures alike.

Aluminium frame windows and doors are highly durable! 

Aluminium frame windows and doors can withstand anything that is thrown their way. Aluminium frame windows and doors designs are unaffected by corrosion, wear and tear, moisture, or external pressure. Because of their sturdy construction, they are helpful in a variety of interior design tasks.

Aluminium's sturdy and long-lasting structure allows it to remain brand-new for many years after installation. It's no surprise that it plays such an active role in modern architecture. Aluminium frame windows and doors may easily last for decades without their functionality/looks being compromised.

Aluminium frame windows and doors have rust-proof bodies and can be utilized as washroom entrances. Because of the moisture-resistant characteristics of aluminium, steam and even direct water sprinkles have no effect on Aluminium frame windows and doors. AIS Windows' Aluminium frame windows and doors feature a visceral mechanism that allows them to tolerate dampness, UV radiation, impact, bacteria, and mold. 

Aluminium frame windows and doors help in noise cancellation! 

A home is a place where we all want to relax after a hard day of work but the street noises pouring in through the windows and doors often make it impossible. With their thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities, aluminium frame windows and doors ensure that their environmental impact is minimal. They keep noise out of your house or office, allowing for a more comfortable and productive living and working environment. 

Aluminium frame windows and doors help in conserving energy! 

More and more homeowners are becoming increasingly alert about the ecological efficiency of their houses to reduce the electricity bills. Thankfully, aluminium frame windows and doors are up to the task! Aluminium frame windows and doors, when combined with heat-reflective glass, allow plenty of natural light into the area. They simultaneously block out unnecessary heat, lowering energy usage and, as a result, energy bills. Furthermore, thanks to thermal break technology, modern-day Aluminium frame windows and doors assist in maintaining appropriate inside temperatures all year.

Aluminium frame windows and doors require minimal effort for maintenance! 

We are all living in a dynamic world, juggling several things on our plates. It leaves us with little time for chores like maintaining our homes. The same goes for doors and windows. They require regular cleaning, scratch prevention, repairs, and so on. What if such annoyances could be reduced to a bare minimum? 

Aluminium frame windows and doors, on the other hand, are almost maintenance-free. Simply wipe Aluminium frame windows and doors with a clean, wet cloth dipped in window cleaning solution, followed by a dry wipe, and you're done! They will shine as brightly for you as the sun.

Aluminium frame windows and doors enhance the aesthetics of your home!

Modern fenestration innovation has allowed conventional, dull Aluminium frame windows and doors to take on a whole new aesthetic. Aluminium frame windows and doors now look, live, and breathe contemporary elegance. They come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes, and their slim yet sturdy design allows for limitless customisation. 

Aluminium frame windows and doors have an unrivaled visual appeal. You may choose from massive floor-to-ceiling aluminium doors that give larger-than-life luxury to pocket aluminium sliding doors that may make modest homeowners jump with joy. When combined with glass, it creates an unusual blend of modern ingenuity and beauty.

Aluminium frame windows and doors do not require repainting!

Aluminium frame windows and doors are powder-coated rather than painted. This means you won't have to bother about repainting, which is a time-consuming operation in and of itself. Instead, you can simply admire your lovely Aluminium frame windows and door designs and watch them retain their luster for years to come.

Aluminium frame windows and doors have very high malleability!

Aluminium, as a malleable metal, may be shaped to meet your specific requirements. Aluminium frame windows and doors come in a variety of styles, from majestic French doors to sleek, space-saving sliding doors. 

The robust structure of aluminium allows the architect to complete the framework of any infrastructure without being limited by the door’s proportions. Unlike other metals, Aluminium does not lose its strength when beaten into thin sheets.

Aluminium frame windows and doors can be recycled repeatedly!

Responsibility towards the environment is something that can not be sidelined anymore. As a metal with one of the simplest recycling methods, aluminium contributes to the environment by being an environmentally beneficial resource. Furthermore, the energy consumed during the recycling process is only 5% of the initial energy, which enhances its environmental benefits. No other building materials currently being employed in construction can boast of such merit.

Final Thoughts!

Doors and windows are a significant part of the aesthetics of your house. They can be made in a variety of materials like steel, iron, wood, and plastic. Still, aluminium is the most superior choice among all. 

Aluminium has supreme strength and very high durability. It is a highly malleable and adaptable material and allows for limitless customization options. It helps in canceling out the outside noise, and thermal break technology helps maintain the optimal temperature inside the house at all times, lowering the electricity bills. It is low maintenance, free of corrosion, and does not require repainting.

If you are looking for high-quality aluminium doors for your residential or commercial projects? AIS Windows is the only name you need to know! Our aluminium window and door designs are very customizable and have the visual appeal to change any room. Furthermore, despite their compact profile, our aluminium windows and doors are sturdy, robust, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and entirely eco-friendly.

So hurry up and select your aluminium door designs soon! Contact us now for the best quality Aluminium frame windows and doors!

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