5 Window Design Ideas to Enhance the Look of Your Home
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5 Window Design Ideas to Enhance the Look of Your Home

Aluminium Sliding Windows for Minimal Spaces

Posted Date: Sep 09, 2020

Window Design Ideas

Getting your house remodelled? Here is a ‘window’ of opportunity for you. Get highly functional, efficient, and attractive window designs to enhance the look of your home. Acting as seamless connectors to the indoor and outdoor world, these elements are more than just holes in the walls – they allow plenty of health-giving natural light to invade the space and facilitate proper air circulation. However, for efficient use of windows, style consideration is a must.

Why Care about Window Design?

Windows greatly influence the ambience of your space and its functionality. For instance – installing oversized windows in a crammed bathroom is not a good idea. Moreover, suffering from intolerably hot or cold interiors makes no sense when energy-efficient window solutions are available. Each window design, both in terms of its aesthetics and functionality is unique and purpose-oriented, and as such, must be given its due diligence. 

To choose the correct window design, always consider the following factors. 

Operational Mechanism 

The way your windows open and close impacts your space’s utility. Choose window designs that optimise space, not the other way around. Moreover, to avoid frequent operational failures or jammed windows, consider weather conditions as well. 

Glazing Solution 

Did you know that windows and doors are responsible for 90% of the heat gain? Therefore, glazing solutions should be carefully chosen. Various high-performance glasses are available in the market nowadays to maintain ideal interior temperatures throughout the year. 

Size of the Windows 

Getting the window size right is so important, considering the visual interest. You can play with window configuration and placement. Harness outside views or create symmetrical designs. Make sure to combine natural and visual elements to get the best results. 

Framing Profiles 

Window frames hold the glass panes in place, which is why you should choose high-quality frame profiles only. Go for frames that are durable, resistant to all weather conditions, and have low-maintenance needs. In this way, you can ensure premium functionality without worries of weathering or damage.

Décor Style 

Lastly, choose a window design that compliments your home décor. Go for window designs that extenuate the colours of your walls, harness natural light, and incorporate outside views. In this way, you can create seamless outdoor-indoor connectivity. 

Undoubtedly, window designs influence both form and function. For confused homeowners, here are five window designs to take inspiration from. 

Tilt-and-Turn Windows 

Investing in tilt-and-turn windows is ideal for homeowners trying to save space. Get optimum sunlight indoors and unending outside views. Benefit from tilt-and-turn windows’ dual opening mechanisms for optimal space utilisation.

Besides, tilt-and-turn windows also offer better insulation due to quality air seals. They are less prone to air leaks and water seepage. Easy to maintain, tilt-and-turn windows are ideal for modern homes. 

Bay or Bow Windows 

Harness picturesque, panoramic outside views with bay or bow windows. Get an abundance of natural light for brighter indoors. Plus, bay windows are highly useful for creating an open environment inside your home.

Adorn these windows with curtains or blinds; the décor choices are plentiful. Moreover, since bay windows protrude from the external walls of your house, you can install a seat near it to create a relaxing corner. 

Casement Windows 

Few windows are as classy as casement windows. In terms of energy-efficiency, security, ventilation, and styles, they remain unmatched. Available in a variety of styles, they complement various types of home décor. 

For homeowners wanting to harness outside views, investing in casement windows is highly profitable. 

Slider Windows 

Slider windows open from side to side, by sliding along the window frame. They are highly cost-effective window options. You can enjoy unobstructed outside views and improve day-lighting. Besides, slider windows are easy to open since the panes glide along with the window frames effortlessly. 

You can use an energy-efficient glazing solution for slider windows and save energy costs. Most importantly, they are durable with fewer chances of operational failures. 


Get a skylight for picturesque views and brighter indoors. They are perfect for those who like to relish the skyline but lack enough space for a window on the external walls. Skylights let in natural light, facilitating brighter and cheerful indoors. Moreover, they come in both fixed and operational variants. Choose whichever you like; skylights are a design feature you just cannot miss.

Over to You 

Hop on these latest design trends to buy visually appealing, highly functional windows. Also keep in mind other factors such as glazing, frame profile, hardware, etc. to make an informed purchase. Above all, your windows should offer premium functionality. Get that visual, acoustic, and thermal comfort you deserve.

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