How can soundproof glass make your home and life better?
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5 Ways Noise Reduction Glass Lets You Enjoy Your Home Better

There is no argument against the fact that the levels of noise and commotion in our cities have increased drastically over the years. With more and more vehicles hitting the roads every day, and rapid construction projects and urban development contributing to disturbances outside, the noise has started leaking inside homes and apartments where one would want nothing less than sustained peace.

Technological advancement in glass manufacturing has given us cutting-edge applications like spider glazing, glass staircases, glass balconies, solar control glass, etc. One of the most useful of such applications is noise insulation glass, such as AIS Acousticglas, which can achieve an amazing 50-60% noise reduction via the PVB interlayer. Another great option is AIS Insulated Glass Unit which reduces noise by 30 dB. Using these solutions for your doors and windows can help protect your house members and you from the adverse effects of noise pollution.


So, how can soundproof glass make your home and life better? Let’s find out:

Helps you sleep better

Constant external noise and disturbances late in the night are common in cities, and can affect your sleep dangerously. With noise-proof glass, you can sleep soundly and peacefully without having to plug your ears in or pray for the road to become quiet.

Helps you recover quickly

By filtering out disturbing external noise, you get to recover better and faster when you are sick. A patient needs lots of peace and quiet for rest and recuperation, and soundproof windows and doors help you achieve that.

Lets you enjoy your leisure activities

Admit it, no one wants to be disturbed with noises when watching a movie or some annoying fracas while reading a book. When you indulge in your hobby or leisure activity at home, you need a harmonious environment to make the most out of your free time and derive maximum pleasure from what you’re doing. With the help of acoustic control glass, you don’t need to fret about what commotion is unfolding outside while you relax.

Allows you to work in peace

A lot of people work at home sometimes, and need a calm, silent and stimulating environment or a study room where they can work productively. Installing soundproof glass partitions and windows in your study room can help you create the right environment to boost your work productivity.

Lets you cast a good impression on guests

Hosting a dinner or entertaining guests, friends or family at your house can become a frustrating experience in case you live in a noisy neighbourhood. In such an event, noise insulation glass windows again help create the perfect ambience for everyone to enjoy.

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