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Modern times are witness to homeowners being bold with their interior design. More people are now keen on following the recent trends and upgrading their home experience with changing times. “Contemporary, minimalist yet efficient” lifestyle is set to be the theme for 2018, with all elements of the house, from the glass windows to the decor, embodying the same.

Home’s Glass Windows Trends

Clean designs, simple shapes, dark hues, and larger glass surfaces are expected to dominate the window styles this year. If renovation is on your mind in the coming few weeks, have a look at what’s got people talking this year when it comes to windows:

1. Elegant monochrome: While monochrome has always been a classic combination, irrespective of the field, modern day contemporary designs have always inclined towards this palette. The biggest way to include this colour combination in your homes is by including black windows. Black sashes against white or neutral trimmings is a trend that finds its way into people’s homes since it has the potential to create a neat yet dramatic look.

2. Efficiency to the top: In the age of smart phones and smart cities, every effort goes into setting up a lifestyle that is highly efficient. Windows too see this trend fitting in smoothly; uPVC is making a big comeback this year, with the material almost being commonplace in satellite cities in India. uPVC doors and windows in Gurgaon and other popular cities set up the base for a space that is high on energy savings as well as visual aesthetics.

3. Clean Squares over arches: 2018 is also the year where rectilinear designs dominate the window styles. Homeowners desire squared off edges and clear thin lines over arched tops that are decidedly more expensive. Aluminium/steel/uPVC framed storefront windows have clean aesthetics and have a unbeatable price point that make them extremely attractive as option for homes.

4. Dynamic glass: With more focus being driven towards involving natural elements into daily living, there is a growing demand for features such as lift-and-slide doors and opening glass walls. They add dramatic views to your home and also increase natural daylight seeping in from the glass windows. These benefits apply to homeowners and real estate developers alike.

5. Pass-through windows: This is set to find a lot of favour among smaller, compact homes which cannot accommodate large sliding doors or accordion style doors. Slider, folding, or awning windows are recommended to create a sleek pass through to the next room or exteriors. Some of the best applications can include room to a balcony, kitchen to a backyard, and living room to the dining space.

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