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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Smart Glass

Things You Didn’t Know About Smart Glass

Posted Date: Feb 28, 2020

Things You Didn’t Know About Smart Glass

Gone are the days when a remote could only help you change channels on a television set. Smart glass, also known as switchable glass or privacy glass, uses technology to alter the amount of light typically transmitted through glass, rendering itself translucent, opaque and of course transparent whenever required. A flick of the switch is all you need to transform a smart glass surface from transparent to opaque or vice versa. This technology allows architects to use glass to open up spaces and usher in natural light, without compromising on privacy.

What Is Smart Glass?

Smart Glass is made from technologies that allow transparent materials like glass or polycarbonate, to switch from clear to shaded to completely opaque on demand. This technology controls the flow of visible light, ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR). Primarily, there are two types of smart glass viz. active and passive. The active kind requires an active low voltage electrical charge to change from transparent to translucent or opaque. The passive type has no such requirement but is not as reliable as the active type. The translucency or opacity is achieved by applying certain films and coatings on the surface, which are sensitive to electric current.

Smart Glass Applications

Electrically switchable glass is a popular choice for office partitions, hotel guest rooms, commercial lobbies, hospitals, residential complexes, retail stores, automotive industry, etc. They create a wow effect and can easily transform a space from open and shared to closed and private. In hospitals, smart glass eliminates the need for high-maintenance drapery and curtains. In hotels, they offer an ideal solution for cosy lounging. These panes open up office spaces whenever required. They look elegant in homes, especially in the bathroom. Smart glass assists in visual merchandising for storefront windows and can hide expensive merchandise at night. This type of glass is also becoming popular for dynamic shading in various automotive models.

5 Interesting Facts About Smart Glass

This unique and practical technology is steadily gaining popularity. However, the benefits and characteristics of smart glass are still new to several people. Let us look at some of the lesser-known facts about smart glass and why it is a significantly superior solution as opposed to traditional privacy options -


One of the common worries before associated with smart glass for residences or offices is, whether it will comply with fire safety regulations, given that it has an electrical aspect. Switchable glass can be manufactured specifically to contain any fires that may break out, and still provide you with the same privacy capabilities. The fire-resistant switchable glass will help you meet all the fire safety regulations while letting you maintain an open and sleek workplace environment. This solution works better than solid wood or metal doors. A fire-resistant smart glass door allows you greater visibility in case a fire breaks out.

Sound Insulation

Reducing ambient noise pollution is a major concern that people want to address for residential as well as commercial spaces. Switchable glass can be customised to match your decibel requirements. If you are looking for enhanced acoustics or quality soundproofing along with on-demand privacy, then smart glass will help you keep your eyes in, and noise out. Acoustic switchable glass has a diverse set of applications, from reducing sound pollution caused by heavy machinery at factories to keeping the residential environments peaceful. Shut off the outside world when you want and welcome it back again whenever you are ready.

Functional Versatility

Apart from the fancy technology and on-demand privacy, smart glass can also be used as an HD projection screen. Switchable surfaces can be integrated with solid stud walls to create an interactive whiteboard within an office. Give your office space a futuristic and minimalistic look without losing the sharp display capacities of a high-resolution TV. Imagine a conference room having standard glass walls, with one of them becoming an interactive surface on demand.

Low Operational Costs

Smart glass requires electrical current to turn translucent or opaque. This benefit comes at a very low operating cost, which is why you can use a tonne of switchable glass panes in your office. Experience enhanced productivity and greater efficiency with smart glass. Nobody wants to sit inside a stuffy office with artificial lighting. Switchable glass ushers in diffused natural light without any solar glare when translucent.

Heat and Moisture-Resistant

Smart glass panes remain unaffected when exposed to heat, moisture and humidity. The electrical circuitry is advanced and functions seamlessly even if the pane is splashed with hot water or steam. This is why smart glass is a great fitment for your bathroom shower stalls, partitions, etc.

The Bottom Line

Want to switch to smart glass for your home or office? Turn to active Swytchglas by AIS Glasxperts. Our (PDLC) or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal smart glass can be installed in existing doors and windows, requires zero-maintenance and can be controlled by a remote. Swytchglas is a champion combination of privacy and aesthetics. It is 100% water and dustproof. AIS Glasxperts offers end-to-end glass décor solutions, from product selection to installation and after-sales service.

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