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5 Surprising Wooden Window Frame Facts That Everyone Should Know

Posted Date: May 11, 2020

Surprising Wooden Window Frame Facts

At a time when modern living is all about minimalistic, chic, and sleek designs, the utility of wooden window frames is often overlooked. However, wood frames are unique elements to add a touch of regal charm and plenty of cosy vibes to your architectural ambitions. With the right kind of timber, you can adorn your window frames to impart them with a timeless aesthetic appeal.

People looking to incorporate minimalism into their projects must consider getting wooden frames for their windows. You can utilize the highly adaptable quality of wood to carve it out and create exquisite patterns suited to your tastes. Moreover, wood has excellent insulation properties; whether it is hot or humid, cold or wet, wooden frames can withstand them all. A good-quality wooden frame will last you a long time. Wooden window frames can help you remodel your living space with their rustic yet understated qualities.

Here are the five surprising wooden window frame facts that everyone should know.

Say Goodbye to Insulation Distress

Having proper insulation units in your living spaces is the way forward for energy-efficiency. Protection against excessive heat and cold means you do not have to rely too much on heating and cooling appliances. And wooden window frames can give you exactly that.

Since wood has natural insulation properties, it blocks out excess heat and cold to provide a somber interior ambience. In comparison to steel, wood provides 400 times better insulation against cold. A highly energy-efficient method, using wooden window frames, will also help in reducing energy consumption. From the perspective of eco-friendliness, wooden frames constitute a better alternative for durable and green window solutions.

Universe Expands, Wooden Window Frames Don’t

Window frames are primarily used to provide support to the glass panes. However, in case a frame expands due to temperature differentials, it might lead to cracks and subsequent glass breakage. From safety’s point of view, you need structures that do not develop quickly under a load. With wooden window frames, you are at an advantage.

Wood has a minimal coefficient of expansion. This is why wooden window frames provide stable support to the glass panes. They do not swell or get weathered by the external environment. In comparison to other framing materials, wood is a safer and better choice.

Lightweight yet Strong

Wood is relatively stronger in comparison to its weight. Though it is lighter in weight, it still has high strength. This makes it an excellent choice for window frames. Since it is easy to handle and work with, the construction process is smooth and seamless. With wooden window frames, the installation process is easier too.

Another valuable property of wood is its compression strength. When you use a good-quality wooden frame, it will provide you with adequate compression strength to withstand loads that might lead to a reduction in size. Since wood is a natural polymer, the long chains of fiber make it quite a sturdy material and an excellent choice for frames. Glass windows need proper support to endure stress. With wooden window frames, this can be achieved easily.

Paint it the Colour You Like

As a building material, wood can be adapted in numerous ways. For aesthetic choices, you may consider applying paint on the wooden frame. It can be coated with a gloss, satin, or given a matt finish for giving it a brand-new appearance. Designers can use wood to creatively seek out new design options and colour palettes to accentuate the beauty of their structures.

However, the natural brown colour of wooden frames might not compliment your décor choices. This is why the option of painting them comes across as a blessing. You can touch new avenues in style and make a lasting impression. After all, your living space speaks more about your personality than anything else. This flexibility in design is exactly what sets wooden window frames apart.

Long-Lasting Finish

Good-quality timber can last you a long time. Wooden frames that are maintained well with proper surface coating and detailed designing are built for a long-lasting finish. Wooden window frames are the most durable, especially since they can be renewed with just a coat of polish.

Wooden frames are resistant to rust and do not corrode under altering or moisture-filled weather conditions. Apart from this, wooden frames are also eco-friendly choices to conserve energy and reduce consumption. This makes them a huge value-for-money option. With proper care and maintenance, they will provide excellent support to your glass windows.

AIS Glasxperts are known for their high-end quality wooden window frames. Our window frames are made using premium-quality Accoya wood, which is not only highly durable and will easily last you a lifetime but is also low-maintenance and rot-resistant. You can also expect excellent insulation properties from our wooden window frames. Whether you need a wooden frame for your home or office, we have a variety of options for you.

Moreover, we provide both installation and post-installation support to help you secure the best wood and glass solutions. Contact us today to find out more!

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