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5 Myths About Glass Flooring

Posted Date: Oct 30, 2019

Myths About Glass Flooring

Every accepted theory today was once a matter of dispute. A number of materials that are commonplace now were once unthinkable. For instance, modern aircraft such as Boeing 787 are built mainly of carbon fibre and not metal. One such “unthinkable” application has come about in the architecture and construction industries – the use of durable glass blocks in the construction of walls, windows, even floorings and stairways.

Though the world is gradually waking up to the advantages of glass floorings, misconceptions still linger. Here are five of the most prevalent myths about glass flooring.

Myth 1 – Glass Floors Offer Questionable Safety and Durability

Many remain under the impression that only wooden joints are strong enough to support floors and that glass is unsafe. Glass floorings are not only safe but also durable, built with multiple panels and a stainless steel or timber frame for maximum durability. Moreover, even laminated glass beams are available to support glass flooring panels. 

Myth 2 – Bad Weather + Glass Floor = Surface that is Slippery as an Eel

While glass does have a slippery surface, following the process of sandblasting (for internal use) and a grit fused top (for external use), it assumes a non-slip surface which is perfectly safe to walk on, even when it is wet.

Myth 3 – Glass Flooring is Only for the Interiors

Even when people are willing to give glass a chance for the indoors, they often take a step back when it comes to the outdoors. Glass flooring panels can be an impressive addition to gardens and also a low-maintenance alternative to a wooden decking. Moreover, using glass floors in porches and patios is also fast becoming a notable architectural trend. 

Myth 4 – Glass Flooring = Bidding my Privacy Adieu

This is perhaps the most ridiculous notion that persists about glass floors. While natural glass does have a transparent surface, glasses made by frosting or by etching have debunked this myth; such glasses allow natural light to pass through without compromising on privacy. Moreover, glass so made gives a bigger and lighter look to your room since light is not entirely blocked, as in the case of an opaque surface. 

Myth 5 – Scope of Glass Flooring is Quite Limited 

Finally, people are often put off by the idea of using glass for flooring larger areas. The main reason behind this being lack of awareness. When glass flooring panels are fitted, suitable supporting structures are also fitted. Hence, if glass flooring is required for a larger area, longer supporting structures will be put in place to guarantee durability and strength.

If you’re looking for glass flooring for larger areas, choose trusted experts such as AIS Glasxperts - India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer. We offer personalised glass solutions to cater to a variety of your needs. Be it glass for consumer, automotive, or architectural purposes, AIS is your one-stop source to exploring the many possibilities of glass flooring in your spaces.

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