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5 Facts You Didn’t Know about Shower Doors

Posted Date: Nov 01, 2020

Shower Doors Facts

Are you among those who can't get enough of a perfectly drawn bath? While it is true that a luxurious bathtub has something really whimsical about it, nothing beats the experience of having this indoor pool coupled with a spa-worthy showering area – a total waterside retreat! Even the fanciest waffle-fabric shower curtains are no match to an enclosure that safely cocoons you from the stresses of the world.

Whether your idea of an ideal shower enclosure is full of modern wonders or you’re in favour of rustic retreats, there’s one vital component that will have a lot of say in the look and feel of the space – the shower door. Here are five uncommon facts about these transforming, even zen-inducing structures for your showering area.

Fact#1 Choosing the Right Shower Door is a Failsafe Way to Alter Your Showering Experience, FOREVER!

The reason that this is an uncommon fact, even the first on the list is that people tend to neglect the importance of a shower door when it can literally make or break the space. Now, shower doors are available in a variety of types; however, among them all, the most popular variety is those made of glass – at least a good portion of it.

After all, while one enjoys the feel of being swaddled from the disturbing distractions of the world outside, nobody wants a concrete four-wall showering area that leaves no room to breathe! Glass shelters from the outside world while not compromising on much-needed connection and breathable space.

Fact#2 Don’t Like Frames? Then Go Frameless!

People typically imagine their glass doors, even shower doors to be 80% glass and 20% framing material – aluminium, wood, uPVC, among others. However, Shower doors can even be custom-made to be utterly devoid of any framing material! And these kinds are highly popular owing to the fact that frameless glass doors seldom harbour mould; what better option for a space that sees moisture a countless number of times on a daily basis? Plus, such shower doors are also free of any visual obstructions!

Fact#3 You CAN Integrate Your Bathtub!

Yes, if you are among those who love their beloved bathtub too much to part with it; however, you also crave a look sleeker than that of the standard shower curtain, the middle course is an open option. In this case, your ideal shower door would be a sliding glass door that seamlessly enables you to get in and out of the tub surrounded by spa-like candles and bath bombs for that ultimate bathing and relaxation experience at home.

Fact#4 You Need Not Settle for the Standard Hinged Door

This is especially the case with new homeowners. They often have more affinity towards standard hinged doors – either because they do not know better or are trying their best to play it safe. But, when shower doors are available in a wide range of design options, settling for the stereotype is not a wise choice to make. You can instead do a bit of exploring; try out bypass shower doors having two to three panels that easily swing for space-maximisation, or you can even opt for round doors for your cosy aloe-shaped shower walk-in – your much-closed showering space can instantly get a luxe feel which no standard hinged door can offer.

Fact#5 Glass as a Shower Door Material Will Not Let You Down

Today, we’re living in strange yet marvellous times indeed – where many are still hesitant to choose glass for their shower door; modern technology has made it possible to even walk on glass with confidence! With glass as your shower door material, you neither need to worry about sustainability issues nor about heavy maintenance. Innovations in glass technology have made it possible to even enjoy refreshing baths away from prying eyes – thanks to privacy solutions such as frosted or tinted glass; you can wave your messy and mould-prone shower curtains goodbye with a wide smile! Plus, having safety glass such as tempered glass installed for your shower door, you need not worry about any breakage issues or glass-related injuries.

However, before you embark on a glass shower door shopping spree, do consider that you choose a reliable glass supplying and installation service as improperly-installed shower doors will inevitably lead to water drainage issues in your bathroom. Moreover, another way to altogether avoid any leakage issues is to opt for frameless glass shower doors – carte blanche!

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