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5 Exciting Facts About Smart Glass

Facts About Smart Glass

Posted Date: Mar 25, 2020

Facts About Smart Glass

In this modern-day and age, where you can control the temperature inside your home with a remote control device, it only makes sense to be able to control the light entering into your sanctuary as well. This is where the smart glass comes into play. In the last couple of years, smart glass has taken the architectural and interior designing world by the storm. Let us get to know in details as to what makes smart glass so smart.

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is a type of innovative electric glass whose opacity levels can easily be controlled by applying the appropriate voltage. Smart glass can change its light transmission properties based on external stimuli. It can easily change its properties from translucent to transparent or opaque. Due to changing levels of opacity, smart glass is also known as privacy glass, light control glass (LCG) and switchable glass.

The Technology behind Smart Glass

There are several different types of smart glass technology available, however, the most popular and prolific one is - Suspended Particle Technology. Smart glass consists of a smart film made up of liquid crystals in a polymer base. These liquid crystals can be controlled using an electric charge between two special polymer films. Under a normal state, the electrons are randomly scattered when light hits the glass. This is what makes the glass look opaque.  But when an electric charge is passed through the glass, the liquid crystal particles align themselves into straight, symmetrical lines. This allows the light to pass through easily without getting scattered. This is why the glass appears clear. You can control the transparency or opacity easily by simply adjusting the amount of electric charge passing through it. A lower electric charge will result in only a few liquid crystals aligning into a straight line whereas; a higher electric charge will cause a higher number of liquid crystals to align themselves into straight lines.

Smart glass switches between clear and opaque as per your needs. This switchable function can be operated by a remote control or also with your smartphone, depending on the design of the product.

Why Smart Glass is a Contemporary Win

Here are some interesting facts about smart glass that you cannot afford to ignore -

Optimal UV-Protection

As mentioned above, smart glass can block specific wavelengths of sunlight while letting others pass through. This comes in handy especially it can block harmful UV rays from penetrating the interiors of your property and damaging your furnishings. Not only UV rays but it also blocks IR rays in sunlight.

Smart and Efficient Use of Electricity

If you are worried about smart glass making a hole in your pocket due to high energy bills, you got nothing to worry about. Smart glass consumes very little power. Due to extremely low power consumption, you can use smart glass for a long period without worrying about energy bills. Smart glass will also allow you to maximise the amount of daylight use at home or office instead of artificial lights. This, in turn, will help you save significantly on the energy bills.

Temperature Control

One of the major reasons behind the rising popularity of smart glass is that it is an excellent alternative to methods of temperature control that are commonly used in buildings. On one hand, due to its heat retention quality, smart glass can cause significant reductions in heat loss. On the other hand, the installation of smart glass gives you the comfort of blocking heat and optimal glare management when you need to, especially during the summers. This, in turn, can again help you in saving energy as you won’t require any other methods for it.

Instant Action

Once you use the remote control to switch it on, smart glass gets activated instantly. For instance - the AIS Swytchglas takes less than 10 microseconds to get activated.


The smart feature of smart glass can last for a very long time. For instance - The switch mechanism in AIS Swytchglas is guaranteed to work for a minimum of 20,000 ON/OFF cycles.

Multifarious Applications

Smart glass is available in a wide variety of colour tints. Not only this, but they also have varied applications in multiple verticals. With the installation of smart glass, you have the flexibility to do away with curtains and other obstructions to your view. You can use smart glass in your homes or your offices. Smart glass will not only look appealing as windows but also as room partitions, shower stalls, as facades and skylights in conference rooms, etc. They can also give you the privacy that you require in your house or office. Selective privacy is not only needed in your house and workplace but also in other areas such as hospitals, spas, salons, etc. Smart glass can be installed in these places as well. The installation of smart glass is not only a smart move but it also adds significantly to the visual appeal of your property. It has a high-tech and suave appeal which makes your property look sleek and modern. 

Looking for the one-stop-source for all your smart glass requirements? Well, look no further than AIS Glasxperts- a subsidiary of Asahi India Glass Limited – India’s leading glass manufacturer. Our AIS Swytchglas blocks around 50% of the light in its ‘Off’ mode and works in temperatures ranging from 0° to 55°C. Not only is it highly functional, but it is also available in a wide variety of tints to enhance the visual appeal of your spaces. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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